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Cannabis smokers warned they risk poorer exam grades

Now come on, saying cannabis causes cognitive deficits is going too far. Those mofos was just to busy smokin' weed to study for they exams!
Might make that my sig, all the cool kids have one.
Someone I won't name took a four-year BA degree in Translation, smoked half an ounce a week of strong cannabis through the entire four years, and came out with the only First degree awarded amongst his cohorts and a prize for being the highest performing student on the programme.

It does have anti-psychotic activity, which slows racing thoughts, and it does temper slightly one's verbal intelligence and working memory as compared with, say, taking a stimulant/nootropic/study drug (which is probably what at least a proportion of the rest were doing), but this can be no bad thing for some students, especially those with manic tendencies.

The same someone had IQ tests at ages 14 (almost no cannabis smoked) and at age 31 (12 years of daily use). His overall score was some 10% lower at age 31 than at age 14, which reflects a combination both of natural aging and improvements to the testing, but his verbal intelligence and working memory remained within the top 0.1% of the population. He therefore refutes roundly that protracted use of cannabis causes any substantive impairment of intelligence, though he would observe that in many users it does have a tendency to reduce motivation.

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