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Cannabinoid ban home office information
The new range of synthetic cannabinoids
The additional compounds captured by the new generic definitions of synthetic cannabinoids should be recorded under the existing offence codes for controlled ‘synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists’
as follows
92/22 -Production of or being concerned in the production of synthetic
cannabinoid receptor agonists-Class B

92/42-Supplying or offering to supply or being concerned in supplying or
offering to supply synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists -Class B

92/62-Possession of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists -Class B

92/82-Possession of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists with intent to
supply-Class B

93/22-Permitting premises to be used for unlawful purposes-synthetic
cannabinoid receptor agonists-Class B

Methoxetamine and other related compounds and O -desmethyltramadol
These are to be placed under existing codes relating to 'Other Class B'
drugs as follows:

92/25 -Production of or being concerned in production of a controlled drug
-Class B

92/45-Supplying or offering to supply or being concerned in supplying or
offering to supply a controlled drug-Class B

92/65-Possession of a controlled drug-Class

92/85-Possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply-Class B

92/91-Incite another to supply a controlled drug-Class B

93/25-Permitting premises to be used for unlawful purposes-Class B

So what does this actually mean
Basically the law has been pretty cute with this particular ban the term ‘synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists’ covers a multitude of sins. If a police officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that you are in possession of a cannabinoid that works on the receptor agonists (this means anything that is suspect within the current legislation) then they will arrest and bail you while the sample is analysed. The sample must conclusively prove that it indeed works on the receptor agonists if this conclusion is reached then you will be charged accordingly with the codes above in relation to your offence.

In practical terms this is going to be a nightmare for Police I mean financially alone this is going to be completely impractical particularly given budgets for testing etc however the law as it now stands from today means than anyone falling into the above categories could be charged with any of the offences.

AT present the home office are unable to give a definitive list of what the law actually covers and are basing all of their information on these three cannabinoids.
MAM - 2201

It actually appears that they have passed a piece of legislation that they themselves do not understand fully quite ironic really.

A more comprehensive list would actually be

Black mamba
Black mamba max
Mary Joy Annihilation
White Rhino
(To be safe every blend currently available)


As and when I find out anything else I will update this thread All in all about as clear as mud...
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Here in the US we have some legislation that includes a clause pertaining to receptor agonist, and the compound must have already been proven through research to be a receptor agonist.It looks to me as if the UK have copied this idea but are not fully describing how they plan on establishing profiles for receptor agonist, this may be on purpose. They may want the law to be vague so that different interpretations of it can be used when they see fit. This is how it is presumed the similar law will be used here in the US. It would take quite a bit of research to establish what receptors a compound effects, so I doubt they are planning on doing tghis type of work for each compound they uncover as they're are already hundreds in the market.
To realy make this whole law seem ridiculous, there is already work being done with MAGL inhibitors which most likely will give similar effects to cannabinoids without actually working on the cannabinoid receptors. So yea this law may already be outdated, when will they ever learn.
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Thanks for adding that knothing it helps explain a little bit of what I was trying to get to. It seems once again the law is an ass...
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

"synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists" is a generalization of the analogue law in place, It is not a catch-all on every CB1/CB2 receptor agonist.
When this law goes into effect? Does that mean that the days of smoking blends are coming to an end?

MXE was cool though.... we will miss it!
er... over a year ago.
But I still can buy those blends?
in the case that you can, it's likely they've just changed their composition.
Send a few samples to WEDINOS, that'll answer that.
I can assure you that everything from Clockwork Orange to Herbal Haze os available OTC in every stationary or online headshop.. in UK that is.
Who's WEDINOS and how to contact him?

also just because something is called clockwork orange doesnt mean its the same as the stuff called clockwork orange in the headshop round the corner.

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