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Can anyne reccomed me any good Jungle?
well i guess its all about perception, preconception and personal experience but for me by 97 / 98 the vibe was much different to '94 and and didnt do it for me anymore...

the term "intelligence" may have been used to describe certain tunes very briefly just in passing by certain people but was never used or intended to be used to identify anybodys music by any of the producers on the scene... Bukem never used it... the media may have done and probably did to describe his music ... but ive got a tape somewhere of bukem saying it was bollocks and all music is intelligent...

ironically this tune by bukem was one of the biggest of the jungle era and everybody was into it but some people did start calling it drum and bass to differentiate it from the ragga stuff which had various associations attached....

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I thought it died in 2001, but it didn't, I just got old. There's still lots of good music being made.

yeah true no kind of music can ever die... there will always be somebody to come along and provide a new perspective and its all relevant....

but back to jungle vs DnB thing...

we need to remember the cultural and social conditions back then... we didnt have all this media... for example if you wanted to see a film you would either borrow it from blockbusters or go the cinema... music was something you actually had to go outside to a shop to buy... and the right kind of shop could be in another city....

this was our music and we felt very strongly about it... it was being made by kids in their bedrooms and it was pushing boundaries that hadnt been touched before... it was very special to us and some people felt that it was just too easy to take a ragga sample and put it to a break beat... to some people that was degrading the music and demeaning to the form... this music had the respect and approval of fucking rock stars and jazz musicians but people were putting out stereotypical "bad bwoy" garbage... that was the argument....

however its not what you do... its the way that you do it... which brings me to this...

there was always an argument for and against mc's some people thought they werent needed at all and the problem was most of them couldnt keep their mouths shut and truied to make it all about them when the idea of an MC is just to keep things moving and to complement the music not dominate it....

you also need to consider the social conditions, cultural background and racial tensions which might seem petty looking back now but those were tough times... nobody had any money... black people and white people weren't as integrated as we are now (and we have rave and jungle to thank for that... possibly the best integrated society in the world, not perfect but decades ahead of most countries)...

the stephen lawrence murder was very much in the media and in every bodies conciousness... this was the climate we were in...

tearly on there was a small element of young black ravers that felt it was black music and it needed to be defended from white people who would dilute it and steal it and generally spoil it for them (and if you look at the history of some black music they may have had a point)...

there was also a strong criminal element at raves that would rob and mug weaker targets... there would be violence, knives, tear gas and at the worst venues... guns.

and then you had the general levy scandal...

general levy was a ragga dj (mc) from th uk reggae sound system circuit... and a semi commercial outfit called M Beat who werent really from the jungle scene, did a jungle tune with Levy chatting on it and it did quite well getting mainstream attention... and that was enough to piss most people off (including me i hated it)... but... then Levy did an interview with (i think) the NME or someone and said "general levy is running jungle now"

well that was it... it was like he had just stolen jungle from everybody and fucking sold it to the pop charts... people were furious... so furious that they even boycotted raves that had levy or M Beat on the line up... apparently a group of the scenes producers got together and actually tried to impose sanctions on dj's, promoters and venues that support m beat / levy... all seems a bit childish and over the top now but thats how strongly people felt...

you need to understand that up until then all dance and urban music had come from somewhere else and although we could do it and enjoy it... it wasnt really ours.... but jungle was ours we invented it and at last we were showing the yanks and the yardies and everybody else how music should sound how to dance to it and how to rave...

a london sumting rasta seen?

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
Sounds like ska to me if you want good jungle here you go ;)[video=youtube]https://youtu.be/Y4UckOGdZtI[/video]
love the world and it will love you back. chin

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don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers

Absolutely sick oldskool jungle mix. So good


We're not gonna die, we're gonna get out of here


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