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Camellia Sinensis (Tea) + other xanthine containing plants
(04-01-2015, 05:56 PM)Xochipilli Wrote: No you won't find very good tea in my home either; - like most things > online and swallow the postage;
jing=london imperial=lincoln
haven't found better merchants other than  Fortnam and Mason and Harrods from whom I've had some very good tea which wasn't too expensive considering the quality and the cost of everything else there. A visiting relative got some Harrods tea bags (black) quite pricey for 20 bags and I actually wasn't too impressed with the flavour profile.

Allan - as you like it...I personally brew green hotter than recommended...bitterness/tannin depends on type, many have very little. 

Oolongs also worth a go; something like Tieguanyin is at the green end and usually has an almost lemony aroma to me (different types of this tea alone based on time and roast) other light oolongs fragrant or 'buttery'.

I have had a few decent teas from ebay; a lovely one off 50g longjing (iin fact the finest I've had)and I did find a vendor for some good oolongs but I be wary of ebay in general.
I have tried of these company, but i want try some new teas right now.
just gone and where you are?

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