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CTHighstreet - 20% OFF CLOSING SALE
probably because BB have an insane sale on atm for etiz. £40 for 250 i believe. your eph prices are better but you are unfortunately new and unknown.
i got some pyrazolam from them which was good.
customer service is good too.
Kingbuyer Cookie
I got a sample of Dutchy incense but couldn't find it when i went back to your site.If you do still/or plan to stock it,it was one of the better ones and packed quite a punch.You gotta understand people have their fav vendors who they have used time after time and who they trust.I would say you'll need to be in it for the long run to break into an already crowded market,although your offers do seem to represent good value.The problem with generic Etizolam is a lot of people have been seduced by cheap prices only to get crap.Etizolam shop gave out free samples to prove their product and they turned out to be the finest generics i ever had which led to a largeish order.You might consider doing some free samples to members,word soon gets around if your products top notch.
I have got an etz sample on the way and once I test it I will report back... I have got a lot of experience with benzos and have "outed" a few vendors with sub standard generics....
but have also come across some vendors with some great ones who I wont mention on this thread as it wouldnt be fair to this vendor.

I look forward to testing and reporting back...
dark knight could you pm your source that ships good etiz to the u.s.?
I have no source that ships to the US...this is a UK site and I live in the UK.

I suggest you read through the various vendors threads (and relevant chemical ones to make sure the quality is good from that vendor) then contact the vendors directly.

Sorry I cant help more.... you may want to try a US RC site?
@wzrd420 i don't think most trusted vendors on here will ship to the U.S.

i know of a few site that will ship to the U.S but there not trusted as much.

Blod edit - please don't link to other vendors on a vendors thread I know you were trying to be helpful but perhaps pm the person in question as its just a bit unfair to the vendor!
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The Noopept tablets (not capsules) we stock contain genuine noopept of the highest quality available, if you've tried other nootropic supplies and not been impressed then you need to try ours, it is some of the best....

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