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CTHighstreet - 20% OFF CLOSING SALE
hey awesome I do appreciate it, I made an account with your site. what is you email address?
His email is in his signature!!!!!!! Rolleyes
sorry I'm on mobile version so maybe I'm not seeing it?
It's [email protected]
simple enough. thanks.
Bit of a fail .to sell samples lol

if the quality of product is very good then people would possibly change vendors

researchers tend to stick to their preferred vendor so your products have got to be competitive in terms of quality.prices.service with the most popular  vendors atm to persuade them to use your service.

#Just Saying
" " The sailor does not control the sea nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers navigate , manipulate or even direct their souls into the larger infinite expanse of the unconscious universal mind " "
Been giving out free sample and had only about 10% of people actuallt leave feedback or buy again.

We are doing some free samples occasionally and our prices are fantastic at the minute.
3g EPH £23
1g EPH £10
2g EPH £18.50
5g EPH for £50

Also etiz are now only
£16 for 50 
£32 for 100
and the amazing 200 for 51.20

Or Crystal MPA prices are also good at the minute
@cthighstreet can you get your email sorted please to reflect your domain?
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]


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