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CTHighstreet - 20% OFF CLOSING SALE
Hi People,

We currently have some sample size products for sale:


CRYSTAL MPA FROM 100mg - £3.00


AMT FROM AS LITTLE AS 100mg - £5.00

Please see the site for more offers...
Not trying to be negative BUT...

If it was a new substance Im always happy to pay for samples.  All of the chems you mentioned most of us have researched many time and have "go to" vendors.

For example I use BB or CW for all my stim research PFP or Etizolamshop for my sedative research etc.

So I cant see many people here buying samples?  Why should we change vendors?

Im genuinely not after a free sample but thats what most new vendors do to encourage people to try them out...

For example why would I buy 100mg of mpa off you for £3 + p & p when I buy buy it in bulk and pay under £7 a gram???

Not being negative just giving some feedback.
The reason for sample amounts is some people haven't tried everything, there are still new comers to the RC scene.

The sample offers are only a fraction more than gram prices, the MPA is in  crystal form rather than the white powder if you can find pure crystal mpa at £7/g of the same quality I'd say buy it there as there is no way we can offer that on the crystal form.

There are various other offers/benefits:

Free 1st class P&P on orders over £50
5% loyalty discount after the first order
20% off all Etizolam prices

We do have some more offers in the pipeline but they're still being set up at present.

Thanks for the feedback
do you happen to be offering any free samples?
no worries mate I have my vendors but always like to give newbies a shot if they have anything excited to offer or if sampled product is better than what I already buy. thanks though and good luck.

your etizolam does have a good price though. might have to give yours a try.

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