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(25-03-2016, 01:46 AM)Tizzy Wrote: i think the sheer heat of the grill new vendors here are placed under goes a long way to show how we as a forum are unbiased and have the consumers best interests at heart. 

i can say for certain that when i was a Mod here nor i or any other had any kind of financial "bribes"
actually, i was unable to accept any freebies/offers or testers while serving here as a Mod.

Yep, the more lax requirements over at other places (CRU in particular) resulted in a ton of scam in-and-out vendors.
 From my recollection the only one we've had is the PureStudies shit recently, and they were more than an email or free .wix or .tk vendor, they made a good enough effort to slip through. 
When they first applied they were denied, I told them they had to make several large changes to be permitted... and they made all of the changes I asked.
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