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(18-03-2016, 03:14 PM)bigazznugz Wrote: i also think that some of the a mod hor two here might own a few sites that advertise here.chin(just a thought)

Some people could get offended by vague allegations questioning their integrity being casually thrown around.

Let me be very clear: I do not have any financial interest in any RC vendor. I am a customer of a few and have spent fairly large amounts of cash with a couple of those. I also sometimes get free samples of products before release from a couple of vendors and report on effects, etc. If the products are released I provide experience reports here. This isn't related to my position as a moderator and predates it. I'm aware this is a potential conflict of interest and would defer to another moderator if I needed to deal with a situation where my judgement might be considered compromised by that level of involvement - no such situation has come up.

If you want to make a specific accusation against one or more members of staff here, by all means do so. Or report it to someone you don't believe to be involved, preferably with a detailed account of the evidence that has led you to these suspicions. We would take it seriously: independence from vendors is part of our goals, as listed in the mission statement:

Quote:"Remaining independent of any company, vendor or individual with an interest in promotion of research chemicals"

If not, then please consider how your accusations of serious ethical breaches and dishonesty are likely to be received by the people who freely volunteer their time and energy to provide the thing from which you're slinging mud. In fact you have an example of that right here. It turns out that some people actually were get offended by vague allegations questioning their integrity being casually thrown around.
(18-03-2016, 03:14 PM)bigazznugz Wrote: i also think that some of the a mod hor two here might own a few sites that advertise here.chin(just a thought)

An incorrect thought. We're not CRU, we have no financial involvement with vendors.
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^^^ can vouch for that, getting a decent rep here was like having a hot rod persistently poised to strike where...well you know....

We have received the tap on the shoulder saying actually CT you need to fix a problem when I've been in my tunnel vision stubbornness some of you will no doubt have seen.

But as to involvement if anyone here is working for us then they're doing it for free without me knowing  lol the do people thing Blod angel of unlimited funding spreading fairy gold throughout the land for us vendors? Come on now...lets be real.

Psssst...... Renton dont forget that big wad of cash you promised me for writing this beer
Mods are shills, hitler, stalin, gay & ruin the scene.
(18-03-2016, 08:59 PM)roi Wrote: Mods are shills, hitler, stalin, gay & ruin the scene.

Care to explain Roi?
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

..I'll add a sarcasm tag next time.

It was a reponse to the accusations above - regardless of what a moderator is doing and how much they care about their communities, they'll always be yelled at by some people.

http://i.imgur.com/1rrZtPY.gifv (can't embedd that here sadly) Sad
It's been explained, mods are jointly in control of venders , comments , subject starters. Every time improving sales. Looking through posts you can see who because there are very very small numbers of people generally speaking and using a forum as it should be used. Anybody that is a member of a club forum elsewhere to something they are fond too, it's obvious how and at what reasons this forum is objectively run to promote venders and sales. Wheather I care or not doesn't matter clause ' I don't .. Don't ask me stupid questions I won't reply. The nieve amongst us should realise that the reason the forum is run and through what ever means mods and serial posters here are in deep with venders for promotion of the sites and chemicals

tralala edited 18-03-2016 10:53 PM this post because:

Hopefully you will get bored of making duplicate accounts...what's this, the 8th, 9th? Leaving post up for transparency and derision

The site is run in the interest of harm reduction. If there is some financial thing going on its a party i never got invited to.

We for one have never paid UKCR a penny and they have never paid us.

To be accepted as a vendor here was not easy at all our service, products etc, were constantly scrutinized.

The harsh scrutiny has overall made us a better vendor, improved our level of service and standards for the customers. 

The improvement in standards, quality and service overall equate a lower risk factor and a reduced risk of harm for customers by dodgy vendors being quickly identified, how is cross communication between vendors mods and customers and unbias arbitration a bad thing?

Long term vendors here are bound to develop some kind of relationship with the moderators, its an inevitable consequence of communication, do you see the moderators promoting vendors, no, does it make them bias in their decisions in terms of customer vendor dispute no.
I was going to do a large retort to guiseachiefs responce but i just CBA. It boiled down to it being a very paranoid way of looking at things, yes if you connect the dots the wrong way it lines up but really its just a group of people with a comon interest trying to do the best for each other, forum or no, these chems would exist, and people would use them. I see this as a collection of like minded individuals who for the most part are producing content to help their fellow individuals. We live in a capitalist world, Money spends, power corrupts but i think your using the same fat brush of tar on a very small minority of, easily spotted people.

The proof would be fraudulent trip reports of which we see very very few of here, its information stockpiled through hundreds, if not thousands of individuals. As communities for these things go for these things this place is about as honest as they come

CT Scott gutted he missed out on the kickbacks, are you planning on closing shop whenever this ban falls?
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
I thought it was a joke, no? That post is serious??!

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