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CBD oil
(09-10-2017, 04:58 PM)niamh Wrote: A lot of the places that were selling CBD products in the UK shut down following the MHRA informing them that it's now considered a medicinal product (GW Pharma have it in trials for a couple of conditions). I'd also suggest being sceptical of the claims made about its effects and properties - some people apparently find it helpful, but there's very little evidence of these kinds of effects and there was a lot of hype going on.

Hi Niamh

Yeah, there does seem to be a lot of hype, but the research I have done seems to confirm that it can help with pain relief. I have been discussing the effects with other people who are taking it for a multitude of illnesses. One of my friends from another forum has said that it has helped her partener who has cancer quite considerably. However, like you said I am slightly sceptical. I live in Merseyside, UK and found this place - https://www.healthrack.co.uk/ on my high street selling CBD. I think its legit. What do you think?
CBD products and supplements are very much legal and i have recently tried some out from a company called CBD Naturelle 

i find them to be very helpful and beneficial for pain and just for relaxation

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