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I don't need to say much about there product, but they are not scammers. I got a bottle for free a while ago. I,m going to buy a bottle again this weekend.

I know we are scientists has discussed this and there have been other bits and pieces, about were to source so here it is trust this product, or products they have a gd selection and good morals.... I know we get suspiciuos But read there site. Sure for 3 years we bought chemicals, poison from websites and fooled ourselves into thinking they were the top dogs. This stuff don't get you high, its therapeutic, healing..and there has been studies on cannabis for so long know. If you want get high just buy some real stuff. Spice what a Joke. Sometimes I hate myself for doing what I've done to myself, yet i,m still prone to addiction. If u think u got ripped well blame me.

Why not put our trust in this company. Its dear i know..but so was buying rcs every week. I,m sure there are others but i have a hunch about CBD BROTHERS. Please read through there site and take a chance if anyone is having probs sorry if i stole your thread We are Scientists. I just wanted a recommend a definite vendor who i have tried and tested already.
Is it dearer than the stuff on Amazon because that isn't cheap. Comparing a product which has health benefits to RCs is like comparing Oranges to Apples. Think i would go for the smallest available at a affordable price as opinion is divided on its merits, much like Melatonin.
I was going to write a post summing up my research into cbd but i've been offline for so long I've not had the chance. I may still when I have the time.
I've tried 2 sources. The first is in Holland and there's really no need to go elsewhere. Just waiting for them to come up with a new payment method. Very pleased with the effects it's had on my anxiety. Price is much better than the rip offs elsewhere. Look for Dutch Natural Healing. Only tried the oil so far. It's the real deal (not from industrial hemp) and the owner is a very honest and helpful guy. 
Second was the ones Mr Green Plant is raving about. I only bought some paste from them because I believed they got it from Dutch. Look at the images on their site and you'll see why I thought that.
Verdicts still out on their product as I've been using it to make my oil last longer. Can't say it's working as well as DNH oil, if at all. Need more time to evaluate it. Most of their oil is way too expensive for me to even consider. Now they have Home Office permission to grow their own stuff i'm hoping the prices will come down and quality will go up.
So for now I can only recommend DNH. They sell to a lot of other businesses.
I've tried hemp buds too. Vaped, and made into tea. It's nice and tasty but can't say it's had any effect. Buds seem to be the waste product from industrial hemp so cbd levels are very low.
If you read the cbd pages on reddit only 3 companies get recommended consistently. DNH, Charlottes Web (expensive) and 4 corners cannabis (USA and expensive)
I'd really like to get hold of high cbd, low thc bud. Seems like the best option, but who'd bother growing it in the UK if it doesn't get people stoned. Hoping it will come at some time when the medical benefits are just as sought after as the recreational. Only way now is too grow your own.
hey thanks for those sources yeah it is dear but they give you free stuff as well. The stuff smelt strong. Its the only place ive tried but at the time I came round after three days. My sleep and anxiety became dampened. They do claim their stuff comes from Holland. At the time they sent me a free bottle which was kind. It may have been coincidence but with so many sources its hard to know where to buy. Half satvia oil and indica oil. I think it balanced me out.I will def look into those other sources thanks. Their cheapest cbd oil which I got was around 50-60quid though it was sent out as a free tester. There are a lot of good reviews out their for them. Its hard to choose from s many sources but its the only one I tried and felt it worked well.

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