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(27-03-2014, 08:26 PM)Funny Name Wrote: No worries buddy, only recently discovered it was free for the PC myself, it's much easier to use on a bigger screen! Also, I like the Microscopic tune!

thanks man, glad you like it :-)
yeah its so fiddly using the phone can't wait to try on a proper screen!
I'll write some lyrics and get em to you somehow Temp. I've been absent mindedly coming up with some lyrics in my head but what with my posh girl voice and inability to speak quickly I can't exactly get 'em out fast enough verbally. That's where you guys come in! :D

Might be a little while though, need to give uni some attention.
The message above may be nonsensical as the author of it is a unicorn. It can be hard to type with hooves.
new tune, Zulu Warlock, top of the list, written on LSz in March, mastered & uploaded last week - https://soundcloud.com/touch-of-insanity
If you can't take care, take nothing!

Don't post on here nearly often enough but this thread caught my eye. Like what I've heard of your guys stuff, some really decent productions here! 

I make a bit of glitchy psy and ambient stuff on fl studio, would be interested in this ukcr collaboration business. Great idea.  Anyways, here's my soundcloud if anyone fancies a listen. Cheers thumbup https://soundcloud.com/dindle
check out my soundcloud if you are interested in some chillout psychedelic electronica http://www.soundcloud.com/midnightstatic all written and produced on psychedelics :)
mainly trap and dubstep style, but in my own way :)

Don't ask about the name, private joke with a friend...

I use FL Studio. I suck at it so far, literally only started messing around with it last week or so, I don't usually make electronic music since I'm into playing guitar more as an instrument. Don't really have a particular genre I'd stay to (I don't even know what genre that song above would be?).
Don't want regrets, going to try my best
But I'm only a man doing what I can
And I'll go forth with these words in my hand, in my hand.
Still waiting for anything here to come to fruition.

Here's a few more track if anyone fancys a collab.



Don't want regrets, going to try my best
But I'm only a man doing what I can
And I'll go forth with these words in my hand, in my hand.
Great stuff chaps - will have a goosey gander when more time. I'll post some sounds up, but for the meantime, here's a pic of studio set-up :)

Also, you can't see the Godin guitar with piezo MIDI pickup, or MS20. The synth is a Roland Alpha Juno 2 - THE synth the reese came from (Beltram). Also that Akai S3000 was the same one use in the Shaman's Ebeneezer Goode (and it has the £1000 filter card).

Two RME DACs lead into the board, then have Tannoy Reveals, Quad 11Ls, Dynaudios and Beyerdyanamic DT990s, DT250s for monitoring. :)

[Image: KbE5PUz.jpg]

A better view (1210s are behind the camera - plus you can't see my record collection which is stupid lol)

[Image: 39PgYSQ.jpg]

[Image: 23DjJdT.jpg]

Edit: if people are using software, I'm busy at the moment, but if they want a bit of a treatment and mix down by a fresh pair ears on my gear - just send me the streams, and I'll get something back to you that's maybe a bit more raw. I've been doing this for 25 years now - true passion of mine. Love good gear (of all types!).


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