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acute kidney injury (AKI) is associated with synthetic cannabinoid use and is very serious.. approx. 20-25% of people presenting to a hospital with AKI will die from it.. kidneys play such an important role in regulating so many other parts of your system..
Yep, always worry about Kidney pain.

Unlike your liver, they can't grow back.
about what i said, and without knowledge of the case, i was just trying to say that it can be a small lesion in the urethra or something of the sort. I had it before, one day pissing blood and it's gone...
but it's good to know this things, i was never a big fan of synthetic cannabinoids and it seems that i never will be... does anyone knows if they're all this negative on this matter? (old and news)...
I'm not too clued up on the long and short term health effects of synthetic cannabinoids but I am however experimenting with this substance and ROA. I'm starting to think that usual smokers may not like it as much but it's great for those who just want to taste a slightly altered state of consciousness before bedtime :P I've been enjoying vaping and relaxing as I haven't been sleeping well recently. Even with it's rather short duration, this is definitely an enjoyable synthetic as it's mellow.. you can function.. it's not very mental. I can only compare it to a low dose "indica feeling" strain of cannabinoid. I'm going to have a few more hits and drift off to sleep.
Got my bubblegum c liq yesterday, tastes great, nice mellow high. Definitely gonna be trying it out some more :P
Manufacturer has been cleverhere and aimed almost at the mainstream. 

It's not cheap  25 quid a bottle it's considerable. But also quick ready and virtually undetectable.

I did find this noid nice and mellow, but it was hiding something.
I use to be able to get bubble blast eliquid and I think it had akb 48 is there any c liquids like this about as i don't want any new chemicals .i prefer longer lasting stones .
Purechemicals.net seem to be the only people with what you're after.
(30-09-2014, 09:33 PM)444499 Wrote: Purechemicals.net seem to be the only people with what you're after.

thanka and are they legit ?

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