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So anyone got any more information on this stuff have read on bluelight its supposed to be in liquid form so making it ideal for use in C-liquids would love to get a sample of it.
Its a new cannabinoid.
It is not in liquid form (its not dissolved) its in suspension.
Strangely though, the product is clear, so either the suspended cannabinoid is ground to almost microscopic size, or this is the first transparent cannabinoid.
Stick it in your usual eliquid and away you go.
strong enough for a buzz, weak enough for a civilised night out.
Curious how many people have actually tried the c-liquid? I know it is supposed to be value for money but do not want to ruin my vaporiser with it in case it does not give good effects.
I'm trying the C Liquid from BB as we speak. Will report back shortly! :)
(05-09-2014, 06:18 PM)dampkring Wrote: Curious how many people have actually tried the c-liquid? I know it is supposed to be value for money but do not want to ruin my vaporiser with it in case it does not give good effects.

i think its for the ecig type vapes. in which case assuming you're using the cheapish tips (cartomiser? :S ) if it ruins it you could throw away the tip for a loss of about a quid or two.

its liquid, not intended for herbal/solid vapourisers.
Hood Hippy word
for some people i see a lot of trouble ahead with this idea as some will no doubt blast the hell out of these and the noids i found really addictive so if you dont have the will power please look elsewhere.I would have found it just too handy like when driving or out and about not a good idea at all in my case
Preparation: 1:1 of 18mg/cherry E-liquid and vanilla C-liquid (concentration unknown) in a standard clearomizer vapouriser/e-cigarette. 5 deep inhales spaced at most 3 minutes apart.

That got me sufficiently buzzed. I'll say that I'm not reaching for that cartridge again tonight. I can't really comment too much on my findings just yet as I've always been a "strange smoker" who often finds cannabinoids unpleasant but still goes back for more occasionally.. this is my second synthetic cannabinoid experience. The first was vaping unknown dosage of some synthetic cannabinoid in a pipe. They were pellets that contained something else that I believe to be 2-AI. (Don't do that please, I wasn't thinking rationally)

Overall, I can say that any usual smoker would be happy enough. I consider myself a guinea pig right now as I didn't have any idea what to expect. Mellow. My vision isn't framing and it's not as psychedelic as my usual experiences with the real deal. I'm shaking quite a bit and my teeth are chattering a bit. As if I was cold or something.. this IS normal for me though.

I will report back again soon.
Be careful with these liquids guys, a mate of mine was pissing blood the next day .He does not think it is from the liquid but i do .I told him to see a doctor but he refuses .He was on 2 k 2cb a few days earlier and he blames this . I do not think it was as he only did 100 mg but who knows. He should see a doctor even though he thinks he is fine now .
If anything other than the two obvious substances came out of my Willy I'd be kicking the doctors door down and threatening him at gunpoint.

"don't try anything clever, I'm a dangerous, scared man and I've got a real big problem. So don't try to escape or slip me a Micky. 
Just get your bag of weird tubes and gleaming surgical probes and fix whatevers wrong with my cock.
Right. Fucking. Now"
pissing blood it's not a big thing, that happens once in a while when you have loads of sex action, real or simulated... anyways, if it doesn't stop after one or two days then i would go to a doctor...
i will try this liquid thing but i'm not thinking on going deep into it, for the obvious reasons...

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