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(25-08-2014, 01:08 AM)444499 Wrote: @Steve, you should really try the mellow, long lasting 018 blend. Totally different from any other noid and no chance of any panic.

@King e-cigs aren't getting banned in the EU, they're just going to start classing the nicotine liquids as medicines, so we'll be getting the from chemists, not tobacconists.

That's what i meant to say.
Kingbuyer Cookie
Ha its hilarious cigs you can buy anywhere but something likely safer has to be dispensed, do the vendors know different or will noids not count only nicotine. Lot of RCs are synthed in China take a look at a Chinese sites they are chock full of Cannabinoids for some reason there are no new stims. Whether that's down to their government or driven by our vendors i don't know. Surely a euphoric new stim would generate big sales or do they think people will buy EPH and MPA forever and be happy. could be down to the fact that street coke is rubbish and extortianately priced and even MPA outperforms it at at £12 a gram. But even allowing 18 is better than the rest which are toxic cause addiction at benzo levels and Steve hits it right they are cold and missing something and didn't feel right. Why more and more, they have left the current ones some time and along with the benzos that could be a clue. Why produce something empathic or a potent stim that might only be legal for 12 months when you can develop something that you might get 3 years or more out of?
@444499 maybe its good but I just don't feel that interested any more. Think its a bit like those people who drank too much whisky once and couldn't touch it again after.

@acetyl MPA is thought better than some street coke now? Good lord!
noticed the c-liquids are purechemicals are different, containing 5f-akb48
(23-08-2014, 09:31 PM)444499 Wrote: Well,you're right there, I'll give you that one.

I want real REC though

Not going to happen, sadly.
well, im currently high on c-liquid and, gotta say its pretty nice.
how is it? 1 puff = fucked? 

whats the high like?
Hood Hippy word
Not at all like 5fakb48. Very mellow. But no messing around it's a hit not a mild buzz.
I'm just using crap excig, 5v Max on the dial.

I've mixed with an equal amount of tobacco flavour.

 One long grandad style puff on the pipe might get a smile on if held in.
Three or four professional pulls on the pipe, feeling it. 
Chilled but strong. 
Pretty bloody long legs too, but that might be ease of redose.
Kullu valley ditch Weed strength.
Oh, and oddly for a suspension, the liquid is crystal clear.
never considered diluting it with other flavours. good point!
Hood Hippy word
It's actually a little stronger than I thought now. Very nice indeed. Could easily add a little of this to your favorite liquid.
Weak enough for Night out, no smell, long enough legs for a night in with a film.

Pretty impressed, was expecting stupid strong here.

Maybe with an actual vaporizer might make it hotter/stronger but even with standard ecig it's good.

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