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C-Liquid Trip Report
Like magick, I had a chance to acquire some 5F-AKB-48 based c-liquid recently and I'm now making a very cautious start to my first test of this. I've no idea of the concentration in this particular liquid and it's a shame that the maker isn't more forthcoming about these details as it makes my experience here hard to compare with others.

Trip report to come once I've had a good experiment.

OK, my first trip report.  Please be gentle with me. ;)

Test subject - Male 49 years old, 178cm and 70Kg. Well experienced in his youth in various illegals.

Buddha Blues - a 5F-AKB-48 liquid of unknown concentration. 1ml diluted 50/50 with a fruit flavoured juice I'm partial to at 18mg nicotine. Other substances 2mg Loperamide.

Allergy tested a hour before with a toothpick's worth of neat BB rubbed under the tongue.

Equipment - a small rebuildable dripping atomiser that's focussed more on taste than making huge clouds of vapour. I normally use it for testing new juices. The atomiser is connected to a plain mechanical mod with a standard 3.7 volt lithium battery. Atomiser resistance is 1.5 ohms.

I'm going to be extremely careful here is it's my first ever experience with a synthetic 'noid.

T+0 (14:33)

One large puff from a rebuildable dripping atomiser hold down the vapour for 15 seconds.
I can't taste anything in particular, just the fruit flavour that I mixed with.


Is there any effect? Maybe a slight lightness to the head. Maybe a little flutter in the stomach. Could just be anticipation.
BP 141/99 pulse 89 Pretty normal values for me.


Very slight stoned feeling in the head. Subtle feelings around the temples and slightly tight scalp.


There's some effect there, but it's very mild at this dose.


The mild effect persists, but it's certainly not getting any stronger, so I'll redose with another puff now, and a fresh battery as I noticed my battery needed charging!


I wasn't mistaken the first time around. With the second hit, there's a very familiar cannabinoid buzz going on. Some minor elation, buzzing head and slight jumps of mental focus. Interestingly, my sense of taste seems to have been enhanced a little with my normal vape tasting even better than usual.


Nice pleasant feeling. Nicely stoned in just the way that some good sativa would give.
BP149/106 pulse 83


No increased effect from the last inhale and I seem to be at plateau again. Just put some music on the headphones and it's very enjoyable. No nausea, no disorientation, just a slightly dizzy, spaced out stone. Do I want another hit? Hmmm... maybe in another 15 minutes.


One more hit then...


Feeling nicely stoned. The previous hit seems to have given me less of a boost than the one before it, or maybe I'm just getting used to the effect.


I'm going to have one more hit and then call it a day for today. No particular increase in effect since the last blast, and I'll let this one settle in and then see what it's like to pop into my local and interact a bit with people.


A little more effect is felt, but overall it's pleasant and perfectly controllable. I'm going to finish off this report now. My blood pressure and pulse are now at 144/97 pulse 84. Quite how accurate my BP meter is, well I have doubts, but I'll do a check when I get up tomorrow morning to provide some kind of baseline to compare with.

I'm surprised how strong this stuff is. When you consider that I've diluted the liquid by 50% and probably only vaped the equivalent of about three drops of the original liquid, the effects are strong. Suddenly, I understand how putting half a gramme of spice into a bong can seriously fuck you up.

The 5F-ABK-48 is nice. It's a pleasantly relaxed and body heavy feeling with no particular feelings of nausea, paranoia or disorientation. Given how little was needed to get me feeling this way, it needs treating with a huge amount of respect. To be honest, I'm tempted to cut my testing sample down again by a further 2ml to give me a 25% solution. At least I'd be able to take more than one puff each time without running the risk of going unpleasantly over the top.
Thanks for the report. I have some 5F-AKB-48 in powder form, not tried it myself yet but the wherewithal to do so is on the way. Reports are that it's at the trippy, potent end of the 'noids available, so your caution is very sensible, though I'm liking the comparison with sativa. Wondering now if I have enough to make some e-liquid and some spice! Please update us on any after effects or further trials.

The following is pure speculation and may bear no resemblance to your liquid, but I've read reports from amateur blenders of 20mg/ml solutions of various different noids in propylene glycol and 50mg/ml solutions in PEG400. Could be weaker than that (my c-liquid is 0.2%, never mind 2% to 5%, but of a more potent substance) but I'd be surprised if it were stronger. Again, no promises that this applies, but in absence of data I'd guesstimate that 20mg/ml is typical for homebrew e-liquids. 

Concerning your particular product and the integrity of the vendor, prospective users may wish to read this thread. They don't seem to have a very good name around here, and I strongly agree that vendors should make it their business to provide accurate information on the blends they sell.
(26-11-2014, 03:47 AM)magick Wrote: Concerning your particular product and the integrity of the vendor, prospective users may wish to read this thread. They don't seem to have a very good name around here, and I strongly agree that vendors should make it their business to provide accurate information on the blends they sell.

Yeah, I found this place after I'd ordered the product. Kind of a shame that he doesn't want to be more forthcoming about concentrations etc. :(

Reviewing that thread, maybe if's 5F-PB22, although the sample that WEDINOS analysed confirm that it's 5F-AKB-48.

Who knows? Crazy

Seems it does raise BP and pulse even at small doses. My baseline this morning is 135/95 @ 74
How is it even possible I got nothing from this??

If you sit in a bath of pineapple chunks, it can kill you. That's well documented.

1P-LSD elite fan. Bow Bow
Thanks for the reports above. I am 3 days into vaping c liquid N-cumyl-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-indazole-3-carboxamide in vanilla from rg. I tried it neat at first and had a similar response from the OP. My natural tolerance is quite high to herbs and I vape nicotine all day at 18mg

My partner who is sensitive to narural thc also but in a good way had a much more severe reaction from 2 light tokes and was wiped out by the sudden onset and high with a non specific body pain on the slightest movement. After a 10 minute period of not moving, she crawled a foot or so and threw up violently. Later she remarked that the experience had been valuable and she had felt acutely the areas of energetic blockages in her body. The next day she felt unwell but was able to engage in the day normally. No discomfort in the kidney area or bladder.

I then diluted 50/50 with 100% vg 18mg e jiuce. Gently taking a pull or 2 every 30 mins or so throughout the first night. I was able to enjoy walking through the city in a lovely high and interact where necessary with people.
Second day I noticed the lovely creative mind which is my preferred side effect from natural products but hard to find consistently. A general well being and ability to solve mental blocks in thought.
Tolerance gently increasing. Slightly speedy at times.
Orgasmic body load
I'm loving the stealth at work and at a low buzz everything is possible and pleasant. Like life only better if you get my drift.

This could easily slip int a daily ongoing habit so caution is needed. In 3 days I have vaped approx 1.2ml

I also notice a bit of a speedy effect sometimes and am sleeping a little less. Bowel normal.
I am using a evo ecig with a vv battery at 4v to find the sweet spot
I keep getting the thought that the possible kidney risk or other risks are worth it for this pleasant enhancement to life at this stage. The usage seems mild, redosing at 20 to 30 min intervals, vaping til the effects are re felt which is about 30 to 45 seconds or 3 or 4 pulls. Running alongside my usual e cig for the rest of the time to maintain the physical vaping pleasure. Sometimes I forget I have the c cig in my hand and toke too much mindlessly which gives a heavier stone for that 20 mins and needs a longer break

Caution still there, but this is very good shit.

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