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(16-04-2016, 01:30 PM)Hanns Moleman Wrote:
(08-04-2016, 12:34 PM)Browno Wrote: Got my bromantane, it's a strange substance very enjoyable long relaxing feeling but also had a lot of motivation to get work done also got my vip access they give u 30 euro in store credit and there are some very interesting substances in there two that most people on this forum have tried. Quick shipping and excellent communication. The bromantane came from Russia but the VIP stuff came from the uk. Anyway I'd give bromantane 8/10 overall good product.

How would you compare this to Modafinil Browno?  Just ordered 5g from Ceretropic in the US.  

I've heard it can take 2-3 days to start feeling the effects; was this your experience also?

The Bromantane is good I'm liking it a got a lot of dopamerginic action going on you can see why athletes use it no tiredness it's helping me big time kick my 3fpm habit into touch although saying that I took 15mg 4mph with it and got that king of the world supreme confidence feeling it's a good to enhance mild stims. No hangover feeling like turd the next day it seems to last about 8hours no problem sleeping neither. Feels much milder than 3fpm and you feel in control of yourself. I would say on the 4th day started to really notice it. Hope this helps. I only tried mod a final once so can't really compare them they are two very different drugs
Information regarding altzheimers-related protein increase.
Looks like limiting its use to the VERY occasional treat would be advisable. Some interesting mentions for Semax and analogues later in the article linked above. The Russians have a few novel anxiolytics which might be worthwhile but none will be getting prescribed for anyone in the West as there's no dosh in it. I hear there has been lobbying by big pharma against benzos, the excuse is there are no profits in it and you are dependant on them if you even look at one. Seem to remember lobbying denying the BZD withdrawal syndrome was real just the original anxiety returning plus a tad extra rebound, now they are produced by the devil to enslave mankind. Can't imagine much being made from Paracetamol which is so cheap they might as well give them away but no lobbying against them. Expect some new anxiolytics shortly, they don't want alternatives even though no GP would prescribe for longer than a fortnight now anyway. Oh and the Home Office have discovered Lyrica AKA Pregabalin is now not as originally thought when the whole patent stretched before Pfizer, to be non-addictive and is in fact valued on the black market. Of course we all understand how tirelessly Ministers work on our behalf and nobody begrudges ex-health secrateries non-executive directorships in large pharma companies when they leave what amounts to public service. Decisions on classifying drugs has of course no bearing on the issue of future employment. I could rant all night but won't, if you haven't sussed how the gravy train runs its pointless me explaining it.
I had Bro powder from Ceretropic and I took upwards of 100mg sublingually and it did nothing at all. Quite disappointing.
(23-04-2016, 12:45 AM)baltar Wrote: I had Bro powder from Ceretropic and I took upwards of 100mg sublingually and it did nothing at all. Quite disappointing.

These are adaptogenic pharmaceuticals, they're meant to be taken over a period of time to reach therapeutic effects. What were you expecting exactly? It's a bit like taking a high dose of an SSRI to get high. Sorry but it just irks me the amount of users on here taking huge doses of nootropics/exotic pharmaceuticals and expecting to get high.

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