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Blotter Art

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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional
Didn't notice that Erowid gallery before Mr Blod, thanks. Is a shame some of the real ones never made to to digital photo. I liked the design of the red eyed aliens back in the day, very simple one design per blotter style but ahhh the memories.

This one brings back a few fond memories, crap design though:
[Image: lsd_blotter_bart-simpson1.jpg]

And these:
[Image: lsd_blotter_strawberries.jpg]
[Image: rId24.jpg]

[Image: 7F1e3.jpg]

[Image: dvrRk.jpg]

[Image: 5yxNw.jpg]

Pics courtesy of Alan Lodge
This.....is real life
Mmm, strawbs and Oms. Another of the same era, shitty art but amazing memories...

Yeah, oms were great, just consistently reliable for a good coupla years round about '89-90 but penguins FTW Mela! Had some around '90-91 IIRC on really thick, soft blotter paper came over from the 'dam I think, they were incredible acid. On a par with black microdots strength-wise easily, if not even stronger. My mates were in pieces on one each, mad acid head here did me usual trick and necked three of the buggers. Spent the night watching their faces turn into industrial machinery every time they snorted up some poppers, was fucking madness. good times man, good time! Happy

Some incredible art here, would love a little collection like these though would struggle not to eat the stuff, signed or not. lol Nothing quite so detailed or full-colour back when I had the stuff routinely available twenty years or so ago, was very much one or two colour prints with really dodgy registration when anything cleverer than that was attempted, penguins and strawberries was about as artistic and colourful as it got that I ever saw.
Some lovely artwork posted here. Thanks.

Had the penguins then which i found quite strong but no where near the superman from the early eighties the srongest i ever had and that includes microdot also had one in late eighties which was half a rainbow which was also very strong. Anyone else remember the superman how i would love to attain that feeling again
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(18-12-2012, 01:27 PM)Blodwyn Wrote: I kind of knew it existed but have never looked into it so deeply....
[Image: IoGxn.jpg]

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