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Best chemical that is Smoked
I have searched high and low and spent a ton in my research.  I'm simply looking for a product that is smoked in glass or can used in a vape.  I have had the research chemical im in search of several times and loved it .  As I've went out on my own to find I've been steered wrong from several people.  So best to describe chemical in my own simply put is its in a crystal form and when heated will burn clear and later will turn a golden color after heating up.  It's very clean in taste and with numbing feeling.  So please any help in the name im looking for would be much appreciated thank you
What you describe could be almost anything. I assume from the fact you're posting in stimulants that it's a stimulant of some kind? Are you located in the UK? If not, then it's likely that whatever it was is a controlled drug in the UK and we can't really help you to identify something illegal in order for you to get more of the same thing. Based on the details you've provided I doubt anyone could do more than speculate anyway, so I don't think we're likely to be of any real help.

I see this is your first post - welcome to UKCR. Please have a look at our rules. If you have any questions about the rules or site policy, please drop me or another moderator a PM and we'll do our best to help.
My advice would be to just not smoke or vaporize chemicals, you never know what they could be doing to your lungs.

All in all, the information you provided doesn't really give us anything to work with, a lot of chemicals are in crystal form, and many different types have numbing properties.

Based on the numbing profile, I'd assume it was an a-Pxx chemical, maybe pentedrone, hexedrone, some sort of cathinone. But I'm not sure where these compounds stand legally within the UK, and so I advise you to take a look at your local laws and regulations, and do some proper research before ingesting any sort of research chemical.

It's best to know what you're taking, rather than asking others based on a basic description of what you already took.

Stay safe, research healthily.
So you have randomly vaped a chemical for which not even the vaguest ID has been provided other than maybe an RC and for which you haven’t provided an effects profile beyond taste, colour of residue and slight numbing effect and you have spent a fortune trying to find it’s identity which sounds unlikely unless you mean you bought everything in your quest. I don’t get it. On the basis of this I would take any more if I were you.

Edit oh ok it’s presumably a stimulant - still not much to go on I am afraid.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Would think very little is not in some way damaging if Vaped or Smoked, although vaping usually involves lower temps than smoking so is relatively safer. That does not mean that vaping any amount of an RC probably with little or no know studies conducted on it is reccomended. Having said that Tobbacco is definitely bad for you but is exempted from the ban, apparently Alcohol is also allowed which costs the NHS multi Billions per year treating Addiction and related health conditions. Go to any Substance abuse service and between 75-90% are Alcoholics, in my area you have to be addicted to Alcohol to qualify for Detox and Rehab, cost-cutting has barred all Opioid or Stimulant detoxes. Considering Opioid detoxes are rarely dangerous is a possible justification but some need a structured option away from normal life to make it work. I would advise not vaping said drug unless you can positively identify it and i doubt even if it turns out to be MPA which dates back to the 40s its safe to vape it. Might be a cumulative thing, if that's known then limiting use to occassional might be possible but wouldn't consider it with some of the newer RCs its a huge gamble. Using RCs implies some degree of risk or they wouldn't be Research Chemicals but there are degrees of risk. Its unlikely any of the RC benzos differ greatly in risk than some marketed but not impossible i.e it turns out Pyrazolam caused some on one of its Human trials some Respiratory problems which was unexpected but did for it, so anyone getting any difficulty breathing after it should discontinue and if its serious get to A+E but nobody i know has reacted that way. 3FPM seems to be prone to unwanted side-effects like the comedown feeling like you have been at pure Amphetamine for several days, not everyone but their were a few cases and i felt like i paid back a lot more than i borrowed. That is defo one not one i would vape even once but have done 20mg of MPA once or twice. On the second time a few months after the first my chest tightened for a few days so that's now out. Numbing properties can mask damage for obvious reasons and would treat anything with that property with even more suspicion. As a general rule its a riskier ROA than insuffalation or Oral and a huge no-no for something new or unknown.

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