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Best available branded pills
Horses for courses I guess komp, brc mnm have always treated me well.
Usually 1 pellet then another half or whole an hr later depending on where I'm at.
Never tried the blue bolts tho.
Obviously I always felt the MPA fine but I really can't see what NM-2-AI or 2-AI actually do if I'm honest, whether in pills of big bags of useless powder lol.

I know I haven't tried one or 2 other AIs yet but after taking those and seeing nothing worth reading on any of the others it looks like MDAI has been the only successful one so far. but maybe that's not the case.

I have to admit though I never tried them from BRC though, what do blue bolts contain?
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

Thanks for the suggestions , decided what to do now
I dont see blue bolts available anymore...

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
The M&Ms from SSD I find are pretty good, double drop if you have the experience and they are very lovey dovey, add a stim and could be quite good! m&m pellets.

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