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Benzodiazepine use and risk of Alzheimer’s disease: case-control study
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

Be good; but if you can't be good, be careful ]:->
I remember this being all over the news a while back. Don't forget that conditions benzos treat are already linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's so it's kind of a chicken and egg scenario. Does the anxiety cause the increased risk or is it the treatment for the anxiety? As one conclusion of the study itself states: "Whether causal or not, the nature of the link cannot be definitively established: benzodiazepine use might also be an early marker of a condition associated with an increased risk of dementia"

Although the increased risk with the longer half-life is interesting, I'd not heard of this before. Maybe there's something in that and benzos are playing a part after all.

I guess this is even more reason to be careful with how often you use benzos and to only use them if you really need them rather than trying to get a buzz off them.

I also think if you do have a condition benzos treat you have to perform a risk-benefit analysis when you use them. Is being more functional in earlier life worth the potential risk of dementia in later life? After all anxiety can be very debilitating in itself. In my personal opinion I'd happily take a pill I knew would fuck me up when I'm 80 years old if it would help me get through the rest of my life before that happened.

This also makes me wonder, if we're only just discovering things like this in regards to very old drugs like benzos, what are all the new pharmaceuticals doing to us? Consider that when a new drug is undergoing clinical trials, the pharmaceutical company gets to choose which results are published. They can and do hide negative results when they test their drugs and it can take decades for third parties to discover the true dangers of the drug. Not to mention that even if the pharma company is 100% honest, it is still impossible to know what the long-term risks of a drug are until people have been using it for a while.

And yet, even after being around longer than benzos, all signs show good old LSD is pretty safe, and psilocybin has been around for thousands of years and also seems pretty safe, and cannabis has also been used for thousands of years and is pretty safe. All of those drugs only seem to cause real problems if you're already genetically predisposed to psychosis. And, when used to assist therapy, psychedelics can help to reduce anxiety in the long term with only a couple of treatments a year. I really hope this becomes legal and accepted practice in my lifetime.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
I hope so too.
Be good; but if you can't be good, be careful ]:->

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