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Benzo seizures
My friend went hospital after going delusional after stopping clonazolam, however he was taken up to 18 0.5 pellets a day, he didn't have any seizures though, but was hallucinating and not making any sense.
Jeez, i can't imagine taking 18 x 0.5mg Clonazolam a day as i just wouldn't be able to function at any level i imagine. I guess by now i've probably been taking 0.5mg clonazolam daily for around a month. I can still feel it affecting me at the dose but not as much as it initially did so i guess that's tolerance building up. I can get a great nights sleep from it but it really does bugger up my memory. I have made posts on forums and sent emails to people that i have no recollection of doing until i get a reply to the email/post.
Seizures happen. I CT'd off a multi-benzo habbit, deliberately and stupidly. Crowd of shadow people, spine arching so that only scalp and toes touch the bed. Teeth clenched so hard I thought I'd drive them entirely into my gums. One continuous drumroll of rising panic and a buzzing black dot that suddenly expands into an unconsciousness. Three times, each time waking many hours later on a soaking mattress. That's seizure right?
Man that sounds scary

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