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Benzo analogues and tolerance
I think I'd rather taper myself of diazepam using the milk method again, as that was successful last time. A little trial and error to get the right cut size, but once thats sorted, you're laughing, and its often quicker than a stepped taper as its less painless.
MH&drug services working  2 decide way frwrd. New Borderline Personality Diagnosis. They can only script a limited amount and told me to stay safe in the meantime. Sold my diclaz cos too nervous to hav so many in flat, just a months supply, and buy each mth.
Does Diclazepam accumulate in the body like it's legal relative. My little blue friends are becoming as scarce as my real ones, will I reach a plateau and chill after a few days of Diclaz. 

At the moment they are barely holding back the anxiety. 1 to 2mg a day so nothing extreme.

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