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Benzo analogues and tolerance
GPs who leave their patients to suffer 6months or more of high anxiety, insomnia, depersanalisation DTs, magnification of noises and colours, and if high enough doses were being taken seizures severe depression leading to suicide. How can any doctor be so disgustingly uncaring when a well planned taper can enable a realatively normal life. How this is rationalised is beyond me, i suspect they think its drug seeking behaviour and not my business. Plain truth - If you are perceived as an illicit drug user you are viewd as a 2nd class citizen and they couldn't give a shit. Hippocratic oath is a joke to career miknded professionals. You would end up in A+E or sectioned or some other primary care setting which would cost the NHS 50 times as much as a simple early intervention. Hope the ban gets the Tories some uncomfortable headlines along lines of  drug users left to live life of misey and desperation but unfortunately many readers would cheer or smile on the way to their well paid jobs.
I used to be a patient of Airmail Chemist but they went all private. Obviously didn't order enough Xanax for their liking. 1mg per day suited me fine for months.

I started taking Pyrazolam at first and after a couple of weeks, one 0.5mg pill didn't do the trick,. Roll on a few weeks and I was taking 4 in the morning and 2 x 2mg Diclazepam in the afternoon. That combo definitely worked , especially with 4-6 cans of strong lager. You get a good night's sleep and don't feel groggy in the morning.

As the Pyros weren't doing their magic so much, I got Etizolam and it's a bit of a let down. Gottta take 4 x 1mg to feel anything, so got some Clonazolam today. Heard it has more of a kick.

Do you guys think the level of benzos is too much? The first few experiences of 1 x 2mg Diclazepam knocked me off my feet. Now they do nothing whatsoever.

Is Clonazolam much stronger that Etiz, Diclazepam or the Pyros?
Yes,you've built a good tolerance if you've used daily. Best thing is to have decent breaks between but not knowing your situation you have to decide if its possible worth it. You're going onto stronger and stronger benzos, if you have to quit suddenly especially after clonaz it will be painful
Thanks for your advice buddy.

Tried one 0.5 clonaz and can feel the effects about 8 hours later. Will knock the rest of the benzos on the head except for the 2 x 2mg Diclaepam in the afternoon. Bought 250 from CW for a ridiculously cheap price and once they're gone, I won't replace them.

I' won't be stopping taking benzos as I suffer from social anxiety but one pill that does the trick seems better than a load that do work but the rapid tolerance of the them is getting expensive. I'm determined to stick to 0.5mg Clonaz in the morning instead of a load of other pills. If it ever reaches a level where there is a serious addiction, I will taper down gradually.
Guys, Im using Etizolam one week a month,but im having to take monstrous doses do even feel anything, in the three weekss break im eating healthy working out everyday i did 40mg Ezitest yesterday, today I'm moving to 20mg and tomorrow 10mg to try get my tolerance down and then save the rest for the weekend and take them 2mgx10 spread around the day, what the hell is going on, must also mention i had a Benzo tolerance in the past so this couldn't be helping, im cutting the dose to 20mg today and then 10mg tomorrow and leaving the rest for the weekend and taking minimal doses
Try and switch onto diclaz CSGO1337c, save those short acting punch benzo's for low tolerance. I don't know how long it takes but certainly clonazepam and flubromazolam seem to have upset peoples tolerance for months so I don't know if that's happening. Etiz is too fare and expensive to be taking mega doses like that in my opinion. BTW diclaz won't be nearly as much fun but will allow you to reset your tolerance safely.

Edit. Working out and eating right probably won't make a difference. Better to just accept it as a fixed amount of time and don't do it on consecutive days
Thank you for the advice mate, Diclaz it is next month :) Im just worried about the memory loss as i dont have small black outs on Etiz but remember most of my day, in all honestly i did smash quite a lot of Flubrazolam for the space of a few weeks a few months ago so i think that could be the problem

My body seems to be weid as hell, im geting better effects from 2mg than the full 40mg yesterday, maybe it was because i was hungover?
Diclaz taper worked well for me. I was messing around with clonaz a few months back and my tolerance was through the roof. I needed about 8mg of etiz to feel it. I finished the taper a couple of weeks ago and it was a painless way to bring my tolerance down. I did a test with 1mg of etizolam last night. It knocked me out completely. Woke up this morning with my dinner in front of me and untouched. Professional help would probably have been wiser but I didn't really want it in my medical history and diclaz certainly worked for me. I'm really glad I'm back to baseline now. Some of these mega strong benzos like clonaz are definitely things to treat with a lot of respect! It worries me a bit that some people appear to be eating them like smarties.
"But people, who are not very bright, close their minds to new information. Sometimes, perhaps, out of loyalty to opinions the've held for years but the real loyalty we owe is to truth."
 ~ anon via Bongwater
Would it be possible to use a Diclaz taper to lower tolerance even tough im not a weekly benzo user? say take 1-2mg every few days or something
This is a very interesting thread I will read throw properly soon so hope not every thing has been answered before.

I take Diclazepam maybe 3-4 times a week wouldn't say I am addicted, have been addicted to plenty of things before and I can go days with out even thinking about it which I couldn't do with any of my addiction problems in the past. Not saying I am not tho don't know enough about addiction really. 

My problem is I brought some powder I mixed with pg so 1 drop is 1mg started ing taking 1-3 drops in water but very quickly have had to go up to 7-10 drops to get rid of any stress anxiety haven't pushed it enough to get me to sleep which 2 drops will do to my mate but didn't realise my tolerance would get so high so quickly is there any way I can carry on using in moderatione and lessen my tolerance?

The only over benzo type rc I have taken recently is flubromazepam which I didn't really like I loved the length just not the lack of feeling and didn't want to take loads not sure what a safe dose is of that. 
Thanks for reading and sorry for going on,

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