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Baclofen/Phenibut and Pregabalin Warning
(18-03-2016, 11:28 PM)acetlyblue Wrote:
(15-03-2016, 11:42 AM)Mr Green Plant Wrote: No I bought it as i read a thread saying it was good for opiate withdrawal. I took it for two months. Completely irrasponisble. On my part. Ive read people who are precribed it having adverse effects, withdrawals in between doses. They have tried to stop, some have and complaining about it on-line to the company who created it.

 Doctors insist it does not have withdrawals like ssri,s dont have withdrawals. I was nearly prescribed it, i asked for it but i never returned to the doctor as i had to wait a month. He wanted to see if an ssri worked first. 

There are people complaining about these drugs withdrawals online. These are longer term users. I dont know the safety of them in prescribed doses but even those doses of lyrica can be up 600mg daily. Thats the most i took in one day. I didnt take it everyday but often. I stopped it cold turkey as well. Its meant to be tapered like baclofen. I took 200 tablets of baclofen each 10mg for about a month and a half. I really dont remember.

I know it has helped a lot of people but for opiate or benzo withdrawal its just as addictive  especially if you have an addictive personality.

Thanks for reply.

Hi Mr green. you got me feeling bad as i advised you to rotate between these to get off Kratom. I did stress that daily use of any would just change one addiction for another. You were lucky to get prompt treatment, ALL rehab is cancelled for the short to medium term here in Lancashire, only exception emergency Alcohol detoxes. People were packed and ready to be told on the morning the funding was gone. The Bastards who run Addaction simply want people off their books as they are paid on results, no recovery no money. How Consultants can work knowing that even if they have grave reservations about rolling tapers for certain individuals with severe mental health problems but must continue reducing is beyond me, ethics is a dirty word. ALL are curable is the mantra even from people who 3 years ago were saying staying in treatment was more important. Once pronounced cured its no longer their problem but the NHS's or criminal justice. Some CAN't be cured and will be back in a few months either back on street drugs or swigging gut rot cider.
Acetyl theres no way you should feel bad you gave me advice that i didnt listen to. You encouraged me in helpful ways to quit kratom. You have nothing to feel bad about, I would have done it anyway. Your advice was helpful, I chose to make wrong choices.

I truly belief that this cocktail of drugs can be lethal more so if abused, I dont want to scare anybody I scared the hell out of myself and would never want anyone to experience wds of this magnatude.

The worst thing was that in rehab i was told that lyrica and baclofen had no withdrawals. I was to braindead to even argue my case.

The doctors dont all have a clue they believe that if its out of your system you are better, they dont seem to realise the utter chaoes that they cause to the central nervous system and brain post use.

I believe there are great amount of people on this forum that would make excellent drug counsellors. : ) funny I watched one flew over the cuckoos nest last night, what a film...
In aperfect world all drug counsellors would be ex-users. I simply feel its impossible for someone who is in control and never had a problem with Opiates or Benzos to fully comprehend how totally awful withdrawal from these drugs can be. No amount of reading can convey this no matter how persuasive and well written the piece, its simply too awful to convey properly. Add on the new Addaction cheerful everyone is curable and coming off their drug of choice and the streets will soon be full of people with serious mental health problems simply unable to function. If this coincides with other stressful events it will doubtless lead to tradgedies of Greek proportions but hey it saves money and well its self-inflicted so only fair. I have come to the conclusion the government thinks well if we get them off street drugs, prescribed maintenance drugs and Benzos from abroad they will end up on Alcohol which we at least get some money from. People will scoff but some of the nonsense like EVERYONE is curable is patently not true. Nobody can cure everybody and its a sad fact some people with mental health problems will not be cured unless the underlying cause is addressed. Addaction seem to believe sitting in a room with other people in the same position will enact a miraculous change of mind. Such groups can be helpful in that you may well feel better knowing you aren't the only person going through the same problems and you may pick-up useful tips but putting successful patients as recovery champions is just bullshit. Often these are people with a Cocaine problem or people who had been using for a relatively short term, for whom withdrawal doesn't cause any physical symptoms or the physical withdrawal would not be as bad asthose using for along term. It would be like saying to a NHS cardiac unit, everyone can be cured and you will only be paid for successful treatment outcomes. I'm pretty sure any consultants working there would be outraged at this and i fail to see the difference if addiction is an illness not merely a lifestyle choice whiuch in my book its patently not.
I know it frustrates me that addictions workers have no more experience than a hangover although i,m sure there are some ex drug fiends.
That's quite terrifying to read, I've had many experiences with Phenibut, Pregabalin and many other GABA drugs. Although thankfully, most of the time they haven't been taken together or for extended periods of time.

I've had my own difficult experiences in the past with other substances, and reading your post brings back nasty memories that I still hate to think about to this day. Even the people closest to me don't realise what state of mind I've been in, as I find those experiences difficult to talk about.

Baclofen is a drug that I've heard of by name, but I never really started to look into what it was about. I'm quite surprised that it's a drug similar to Phenibut, I never knew that.

I hope you're doing well after your experience, and thanks for sharing information that will undoubtedly help others in the future. I for sure will be more careful with these substances.
I've been prescribed pregabalin 300mg a day for almost a year now, I find it helpful.. I also find it easy to stop without any w/d issues. I have used it, as well as phenibut and baclofen recreationally in the past and they are very strange drugs.

At lower doses they produce decent anxiolysis as well as mild analgesic effects. Raise the dose a bit, and it's more of a stoned feeling. At higher doses (e.g. 600mg+ pregabalin, 1g+ phenibut) I've had experiences where it's essentially like being drunk but clear headed. At other times they can feel very stimulating/manic with empathogenic and entactogenic effects (I've had CEVs from pregabalin and phenibut, for example), as well as pupil dilation. Sorry I can't find the source, but I remember reading somewhere that the stimulating effects that can be achieved from high doses are caused by the drug wearing off and your CNS system kicking into overdrive.

These are just my personal experiences of course, and after being on pregabalin for some time I can't get these effects anymore. And of course I definitely do not recommend abusing them recklessly, they can cause blackouts similar to benzos.

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