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B2 trip report
I thought I would do an up to date report on the b2 that is knocking about these days coz let's face it we all know it has changed and isn't the same as it used be.

So it was last Saturday evening (11.11.12) just chilling at home got my gram of b2 from c2u earlier on in the week, I opened the bag to see if there was any smell to it coz as we know the old b2 from the start of the year had a very chemical smell to it but this stuff I couldn't really smell anything.
I do myself a good size line n after about 5 mins start to notice the affects heart rate increases n my vision is different almost like im going get some eye wiggles but it doesn't quite get there, my body goes cold then hot n im start rubbing my hands together n I feel quite nice nothing mind blowing kind of a nice warm buzzy feeling, it quite short lived so I have another line which brings back the buzz , I did find this stuff very moreish an I think you could bosh the lot in a night trying to chase the high but it doesn't quite get you there but saying that I do think if you was going out on the town with non drug users n you don't want anyone to notice your on anything then this stuff is what you want it gives a nice head buzz, makes you feel good and stimulated with out being to noticeable I also got to sleep quite easy after taking it.

My thoughts on this new b2 is yes it isn't wot it was but I did enjoy the experience and it will be good for nights out when you just want alittle extra if you know what I mean.
How long ya gonna feel like that for??? =-O =-o

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