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Apppreciate peoples genuine thoughts on this please
Roll Pak stay safe

A very good friend of mine highlighted this website earlier to me today asking for my thoughts of the ethos and claims made by this company. I'd be very very interested to hear your thoughts on this product i'll let you read it then pass on what my thoughts are.  Please if you think im wrong tell me but I certainly have some very grave concerns and also are incredibly unhappy about the marketing of this product.

World's Most Effective Safety and Recovery Supplement for Festival Goers, Ravers, and Party People Alike
Roll-Pak is the latest in harm-reduction for the careful individual who not only wants to have a safer experience, but also reduce the possibility of long-term harm.  With festivals and raves bringing thousands upon thousands of excited people every year, the demand for a nutritional supplement that helps keep us safe and performing at our best at all times has never been higher.  Our proprietary blend has been carefully crafted to help the people of the fastest growing entertainment movement in the world, party safer.
The supplements in Roll-Pak's proprietary blend have been shown to be able to help reduce some of the major side effects, lessen the come-down, and help regulate serotonin levels post use.

What's Inside Roll-Pak?
The magnesium in Roll-Pak reduces neuron excitotoxicity helping reduce the chance of neural damage.  Roll-Pak uses Magnesium Glycinate, the most bioavailable forms of Magnesium to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.  Magnesium Glycinate will also aid in reducing jaw-clenching side effects.
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (or Racemic Alpha Lipoic Acid) is a powerful metabolic antioxidant in one of its purest and most effective forms.  R-ALA has been shown to prevent neurotoxicity and "fully prevented the serotonergic deficits and the changes in the glial response" in testing. 1  Its one of the most effective and essential compounds in Roll-Pak.
Quercetin Dihydrate, much like R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is another strong antioxidant that when taken with R-ALA reduces toxin induced neurotoxicity.
Already a very popular supplement, 5-HTP helps regulate serotonin levels.
They are actively telling people they can take MDMA and be safe  if they swallow up their concoction of supplements i have done a few furious tweets and am feeling a little calmer all i can see this doing is appealing to naiive people who thing they can bosh as many drugs as they want pop a couple of pills and its dandy.....anyway thoughts please people![Image: RvWJ1Bp.png]
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Surprising that such an 'all nighter' supplement pack hasn't been produced before. Not a bad idea that. Doubt it'd be something I'd take though as I was under the assumption that magnesium supplements took some days/weeks of use before making much of an impact on bruxism and in itself can have side effects. Also I always preferred a good bit of pure orange juice (with bits in) after a mad sesh. Hate me for the natural healthy option heh

Still, this is a convenient pocket size pack which looks pretty handy to carry around with ones multi-vits :)
Magnesium and 5-HTP make sense.  The anti-oxidants don't.
(20-11-2014, 04:52 PM)Renton Wrote: Magnesium and 5-HTP make sense.  The anti-oxidants don't.

According to some research (and google), there could be some reduction of neurotoxicity by using Alpha Lipoic Acid, but it's probably a long shot and doubt it'd be any more effective than just taking a multi-vit really.
(20-11-2014, 04:56 PM)lolcat Wrote:
(20-11-2014, 04:52 PM)Renton Wrote: Magnesium and 5-HTP make sense.  The anti-oxidants don't.

According to some research (and google), there could be some reduction of neurotoxicity by using Alpha Lipoic Acid, but it's probably a long shot and doubt it'd be any more effective than just taking a multi-vit really.

I remember reading that excess of anti-oxidants in general can be detrimental to general health.
Does that mean all those excessively health focussed green tea drinkers could be doing more harm than good?
if theyre going to do it. why not put a test kit in there as well! 

without a reagent test supplied, im with you on this B.
Hood Hippy word
Surely this could send out themessage thats its safe to abuse drugs with a magical antidote i just cant see how claims can be made without some kind of medical or clinical data to back this up.  Kids will think wow lets get hammered and pop these magic pills and all will be well.. We all know the benefits of keeping certain levels of supplements up i dont disagree,  but i dont like the claims that its almost like a magic cure or an antidote they are making to allow people to potentialy overindulge read down their twitter page its quite scary....
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

If people take 5HTP at the same time as empathogens, are they not risking serotonin syndrome? This seems really dangerous.

Apart from that, it's just the usual snake-oil.
I have seen such a kit before - don't know what was in it as thinking on this might have changed; at one point people were taking prozac to limit neurotoxicity.
These are fairly standard suppliments suggested. As for what antioxidants *- many suppliments can be argued eitherway based on this or that study or bit of evidence, not much is conclusive which bring me to the main point, there is theory but I haven't seen any proof this kind of thing works at all or if there might be negatives even not that I have heard of any. I've tried 5HTP for several days after once...it might have helped - it's hard to tell, it's far from proof. They certainly shouldn't be making any major claims about it. If it does help in anyway it might be good people have this available in an easy to use format. Even if it works to some degree, this is to help comedown/5HT depletion and possible neurotoxicity, it won't keep you safe from very rare acute dangers from taking MDMA and it wouldn't effect cardiotoxicity. If you think you can bosh tons of MDMA because of this you'd be silly and it's still worth sticking to the once a month absolute max or more like a few times a year type rules most user repeat on forums. I think for most MDMA is somewhat self limiting and there is only so much you can do about silly behaviour but they could make all this much clearer.

* edit this was regarding there safety; there effectiveness here I would tend to agree is "optimistic"
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

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