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Anyone going back to WoW for Legion?
Sup, anyone going to be playing the new World Of Warcraft expansion, if you are we can exchange b.net tags and do some arena :D
Nope.  Only ever considering touching WoW again if they bring back Vanilla.  Happy to pay for it, but its gotten significantly worse expansion after expansion.
Vanilla was released 12 years ago. Every few years blizz HAS to go for major changes, otherwise the game would be dead now.

No one likes gigantic clusterfuck raids and 100 players rosters where you barely know your own guild members.

Even 25 is too much imo, they lowered it to 20 but removed 10 man mystic (ex-heroic) raids, which really sucks. Finding 10 decent, comitted players that show up a few times a week is just so much easier for everyone and keeps the drama at bay.

I quit WoD at the end of the first content (Highmaul, we were at 5/7 mythic) because my guild disbanded (had high hopes, a bunch of good players, some of which had been in top guilds) - sadly management and recruiting was handled badky and a surprisingly high amount of the "best players" turned out to be shitters with too much pride for past achievements in different addons, on a different class and role, and an unwillingless to improve. Lots of small groups within the guild instead of unity. I'm still salty about that, expected so much more. The second tank consistently pulled off lowest 1-10% rankings on WoL, should have replaced him way earlier. Fucking austrians...

wotlk was my favourite by far, maybe I'll give legion a try

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