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Anyone else never get comes downs from RC stims?
Not sure if it was a blessing or a curse!

I've read so many horror stories on here about painful comedowns from 4-MPH, 3-fpm etc. but this was never an issue for me, wondering if it was the same for others?

I was a very heavy user, a total addict where by I was using all day everyday, at work, three day extra heavy binges with virtually no sleep and I never got a bad comedown from the regular favourites.

I'm not saying I didn't suffer ill effects, I certainly did. I induced serious mental health problems, suffered a psychotic episode and suffered with paranoia. Thought I was going to drop dead in a supermarket at one point but really didn't get a typical comedown of any sort really.

MD, street speed, coke etc I suffer like the rest, I tried that 6p whatever benzo fury and that gave me a massive headache but I don't think it is really a pure stim.

Am I alone in this?
Used 3fpm almost every day (stupidly) and never had any come downs! However when i took mdai i had the worst comedowns with major heart palps etc.
I know people who don't even get the post-roll blues after mdma and it almost concerns me.  i've never had any sort of 'comedown' from the older amphetamines or mpa but the halogenated amphetamines, phenmetrazines and bzp made me feel like hell after, cocaine was dependant on the binge length, a couple days fine, but if it bled into the week i knew i would feel bad soon.
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I personally find that I only seem to have horrible, or overly-noticeable comedowns from phenidate compounds. For example, I've been conducting plenty of research on isopropylphenidate, and I found after the second day of research, re-dosing would provide me with an almost uncaring, slightly negative, slightly anxious profile of effects. It would also bring on some heart palpitations, a blank mentality, and pain in my chest. The day following this research is almost always followed with an approximate 6 hour "meh - what's the point" kind of emotion.

I can binge on 3 grams of 3-FPM, staying up three nights in a row, and experience the general negative stimulant side-effects like paranoia, psychotic episodes, or general headaches, but I've never had a comedown from any phenmetrazine compound that was really noteworthy.
I've also been able to binge on 4-FA, and many, many different cathinones with barely any comedown. I think we both happen to be blessed with an easy-going brain.

Mainly phenidate compounds bring negativity to my mentality -- after about two days of research.
I don't get comedowns from the rc stims, i've only tried mpa, 3fpm, 4fmph and 4feph though. Used daily as well. I wondered if they were comedown free or because I take antidepressants also. Some friends say they've had comedowns after I've given them some mpa, (They treat it like speed and take way more than they need looking to get the old familiar speed effects) but it coulda been the 10 pints they also drank lol.  I thought comedowns were from products that affected serotonin generally, possibly the AD makes a difference, idk.

I took amphet and E's a lot, mostly back in the 90's. All diferent forms of street amphetamines, except for the actual prescribed varieties. I had horrific comedowns from them all, unless I only did a tiny amount. I'd end up a space cadet for days. Speed cd's were long and spacey for me but xtc was far more emotional and hard going (affects serotonin a lot more I always believed)
Coke never gave me much bother. Could never afford to go on a long binge to find out. Most times alcohol would be involved as well, so bad hangovers were all I'd really feel.

I found myself a tiny bit spaced out last week after a large amount of rc stims, but it was gone as soon as I got up to do something. Never noticed anything beyond that.
I can't speak for any other rc's as I tend to avoid them due to being on anti-d's.
I only do drugs for the come down - if I don't want to fucking open a vein in a warm bath of my own tears at 9.45 on Wednesday morning, what the fuck is the point
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
(01-10-2016, 07:40 PM)martymcfly Wrote: I only do drugs for the come down - if I don't want to fucking open a vein in a warm bath of my own tears at 9.45 on Wednesday morning, what the fuck is the point

Kinda like 'it must have been a good night out if you can't remember a thing about it' Alcohol logic.
No comedowns, just compulsive redosing. Bad enough that I usually end up flushing them after 2-3 weeks of daily use.
The most intense comedowns I got were from phenidates, as someone above mentioned too, and 4-fa. Street mdma's comedown is a piace of cake compared to certain RC stimulants, apart from cathinones which I found to be more gentle to body and mind than other stims in the comedown, especially 4-mec. Methylone comedowns I found also almost non-existent but the high is very, very short-lived.
if I go on like 3 day stim binges all i have to do is eat and sleep and I feel alright the next day. I always joke with myself and think that maybe the depressed feeling is just my normal state of mind lol

although I have to admit if i watch something sad over the next 3 days after binging i tend to tear up as if i really wanna cry my eyes out but i cant
it's like seeing people getting all emotional triggers me x10000


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