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Any reggae fans here
Yeah - fucking poet that man... grew up listening to him, Lee Perry and ilk (and the hippy stuff obviously)...
My friend once made me listen to song titled 'Reggae Shark'. 

The lyrics of that song, man, they were incredible! Check that song out.
Like Lee Perry and Bob but in all honesty could never stand the music, just doesn't do anything for me, I'd rather listen to country and western. That said, like the odd bit of reggae backing with a tight rapper over the top(thinking of Roots Manuva) and I'm OK with it,but I guess that isn't reggae any more by a long shot!

a bit of punky reggae when they went hand in hand
Perry and Marley ok. Perry with the ORB was interesting.

I love Toots.

Theres also a band you wont have heard of called King Chango, mixing ska and latin rather madly. well worth a listen.

Hope you dont mind this in a reggae thread, its a sure spinoff.

better post some more reggae...

I love reggae, but sometimes I think it'd be better if all the top reggae singers from the last 40 years were chanting my name in their biggest hits & singing about how good I am.

Sir David Rodigan....


the song that got me into reggae... beyond classic...

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.

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