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Any musicians out there? Post your music!
basically what the title says. sorry if there's already been a thread like this, i didn't see one. 

and yes, samplers/DJs/remixers are musicians as much as a guitarist is.
I've recently started my own little business. We're a music promotion service and I've made a YouTube channel to go along with that. I love to DJ and post mixes but sometimes I think I lack the skill, especially when I watch other people do live sets.

Anyways I DJ for fun and I love to make videos to go along with my mixes, here's one that I've recently done..

I've been working on a few things... my most recent can be found here if you fancy a listen. Appreciate any feedback/advice too as I've not been producing long and appreciate any tips to help me improve. Thanks!

Pynsa - Gabriel's Horn
this is my newest creation. http://www.soundcloud.com/sporophore/no-such-thing
@PowerPot Chillin mix, the video is mental, but fits the music nicely! Its like dancing cat... aww thats cute, dancing girl... yeah you get your groove on, whats next... dancing SPIDERCOWS... WTF?! Haha! Proper got me chuckling! Especially the giant spidercow with spidercows for legs. Lol! Can i ask how you made the vid?

@loki loving the anticipation that builds on that track! Good mix as well, was expecting it to drop big time, but it just felt like it kept building up. Not a bad thing though! Love the spacing of the sounds, kinda messes with your head. Gonna add you up on SC if thats cool, i wanna come back to that track next time i enter the psychedelic realm!

@SMiT2710 thanks a lot for the feedback,glad u enjoyed it! its my first one that's so chilled but i really enjoyed doing something different to psychedelic trance all the time :)
will give your stuff a listen when I get on a computer, soundcloud app don't work on my phone :(
thanks again :)
Hi everyone

Thanks for starting this thread Yahoo

My rather trippy music can be found at http://soundcloud.com/nubis-dongolian

I also play with a "Canterbury" tribute band doing stuff by Soft Machine, Hatfield & The North, National Health, Caravan and a bit of King Crimson - 1 concert a year in my garden...

You can see (and hear) a selection from the 2013 edition at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12ypz2...abet_music

Have a nice Sunday everyone

'Why can't I be different and original
Like everybody else?'
(Vivian Stanshall)
@nubis Canterbury as in the band from surrey? If so, I played Salisbury Takedown festival with them back in 2011. Their guitarist borrowed my amp for their set! Yahoo haha. Biggest crowd I ever had the privilege of playing to.... Summat like 850/900 people! Tried watching your vid btw, but it said page not found when i clicked it :(

i ´m a dj and mix psychedelic trance and play on goafestivals :D namaste <3 P.L.U.R
To SMiT2710:

Didn't know there was a band called Canterbury from Surrey, although I come from Surrey (been in France for 30 years).

The 'Canterbury' I'm referring to is much older (like me ;-)

It's what was known as the 'Canterbury Scene" in the 60s and 70s - various bands dervied from an early 60s band called the Wilde Flowers: basically Soft Machine, Gong, Caravan, Hatfield & The North, National Health, Matching Mole, Egg etc. It's also where Robert Wyatt began his career.

It's because I'm OLD (at least for this forum): I'm 53

You might enjoy it all the same.

The link works for me, but if not, try going to http://www.dailymotion.com and searching for Unsafetrio

'Why can't I be different and original
Like everybody else?'
(Vivian Stanshall)

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