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Aniracetam recipe and experiences
I hope you do Doorkey.Could you write up a detailed account,did you use Choline and what form etc. And did you get any of the advertised anti-anxiety type effects.
On the choline front: two eggs is a good natural source. I normally have two fried eggs on toast when I take aniracetam. I never suffer any headaches, etc. I don't really get much joy from aniracetam though, but it's great for laying back and listening to music.
Aniracetam as been my stack racetam for quite a while now, I occasionally take other ones (oxiracetam, pramiracetam, piracetam, and the still different noopept and sunifiram) but I like the calm / unique anxiolysis that comes with aniracetam while it enhances the broadband of my infomation processing.
Hardly ever any complaints about it of any kind.

I like the smell from the unreacted anisoyl chloride >> anise >> ani racetam ;)
This does give anxiety relief. I haven't been brave enough to try and see if it will halt a panic attack or crippling anxiety but the other night i dosed 1g. I,m pretty depressed at the moment. I felt anxiety coming on and it vanished. I found myself stairing at things and thoughts and feelings of a melancholic nature but not in a bad way. I liked it, its subtle though but its not placebo and definitely something to have in the medicine cabinet. I will be getting more. I just used milk, and fish oil caps with it. It might be better mixed in olive oil. Its definitely not a phenibut, probably one of the most dangerous,powerful nootropics around depending on your view.

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