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Aniracetam recipe and experiences
(06-02-2014, 01:32 PM)SteveBrule44 Wrote: Curious how the rest of your diary went Ragenori, though I'm guessing you're too busy to update at the moment. Hope your studies/exams are going ok for you.

The few days that I was running with aniracetam were pretty good. I probably managed to do more than I normally would even with a concerted effort.

Unfortunately, I crashed pretty hard when I stopped (possibly psychogenic etc) after 7 days. I know it takes 2 weeks for 'full effect' to come into play but I didn't really want to have to go through the painfully dull pill making process again.

Edit - I just made up a few pills but don't have the capsule ammounts needed for a full week. Might order some more and try again soon.
Seriously thinking about this mainly because of its extra relaxation properties besides the usual cognitive and memory enhancing effects.Has anyone used Intellimeds.co.uk they have it reasonably priced also their L-Theanine is unbelievable value.I have read that Choline is regarded as a good idea when on a Racetam regime or headaches are possible,is it essential.Also i have a treat of Phenibut or a RC benzo occasionally as well as using Diclazepam for really stressful situations.Will i still want/need the Pheni +benzos after a couple of weeks on the Aniracetam.Any help would be very gratefully received as this is a branch of supplements i have no experience in.
Whilst having adequate choline is very important for racetams to work, DO NOT get choline bitartate. 

This made me feel mildly depressed and generally anhedonic and amotivational.

The other cholines may work great but I personally never felt the need for them.
do you really need choline when using aniracetam?
(07-02-2014, 08:54 AM)smash Wrote: I've had aniracetam giving both good and bad results depending upon where i've got it from, main bad batchs have been off ebay (I stopped buying off there completely after some bad side effects eg. headache, nausea, cloudy head etc.)

Off the good batchs from actual vendors i've had doses up to 2000mg/day without any bad effects when taken with some source of choline.

I am currently taking around 1000mg/day and am getting only good results i.e. increased awakeness, better mood, generally more relaxed and motivated like the stuff is supposed to do

smash,where do you source your aniracetam from,cthightstreet,mindnutrition or nootropics.co.uk? cheer's.
^ When I said choline is very important, I was parroting the common advice on Nootropic forums. I personally found it to be detrimental.

Intellimeds is my source (I think).
Hmm the general advice is take Choline but you have given me pause for thought.I will probably buy Choline and use it if needed.I am more nervous about trying Aniracetam than say 3,4-CTMP,i understand how that works.There is perilously little info on the newer Racetams,although the general consensus is that they are safe.Most research involves Piracetam but i'm a nervous person so i need the anxiolotyic effects of Aniracetam.Should i start at my target dose or build up gradually after the initial allergy test? Any help would be very welcome.
Thinking of going on this for about 4-5 weeks in the buildup to and including my exams. I have a few questions.
Has anyone tried a regime this long before?

Has anyone experienced any sleep problems with this? Other stimulants like low dose MPA and EPH have proved useless for me because im a terrible sleeper, i just end up with a sleep debt I have to catch up on and a more downtime then the stimulation was worth.

Would i expect a crash after using for that long a time?

And my diet generally includes 1 egg a day, I could push this to two, would that be enough choline?

also, has anyone here got any experience with vinpocetine? Aniracetam are on sale at CThighstreet at the moment and they're also offering 30 of those free with every order
Never used Vin but from what i have read it seems safe + mild,would probably use the Aniracetam for a while first.I want to try this but there is so little info.
Well, I'm going to give this a go. Probably going to try it for a week at first, and if i find it helpful i'll keep it up till the end of my exams which will be around 5 weeks total. 
I'm going to go for 500mg twice a day. I'll probably make a post or two here about my experiences.

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