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Am I The Only One...?
That makes a notepag log of my RC use, dose, method (only change this if I'm not sniffing) and time and date. For harm reduction, no one else seems to have mentioned this practise. I know people measure their dose but not log it. Am I the only one? It's maily with stims, when I did MDAI I would log dose, time and date as well but not add how I felt and how the high was (I'd try if it was my first go) don't do this much with stimulants unless I plan on making a trip report.
No, it's done, there are a couple super-detailed here who I forget.

I do it in a notebook of graph paper, there's an app even somewhere apparently

The practice hasn't really been expounded by a practitioner though.

Go for it  thumbup
Ah good, made me worry about the lack of HR going on. Cheers :) if you remember the apps name please do PM me tho I presume the app isn't called "drug log software" I presume it's a medication pill sorta software deal.
Not all the time but tend to put something on the calendar in the kitchen - it is worth doing if using potentially problematic things like benzos or monitoring drinking or usage generally - Alway make a note of MDAI since it’s so morish (not in the binge sense but I want to do it often) and sometimes - the last dose wasn’t as long ago as I thought like only a week in one case.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
With benzos I agree, though I'm a daily routine for benzos atm but never kept a log when I took them (as I was on stims at the time) still should've done so. May have who knows, but writing down your drinking is a good idea as a recovering alcoholic that can help you notice if you're drinking to much. Agreed with MDAI, morish but the high isn't chasable.
When I used rc`s I had a text file which I kept with my own trip reports for future ref regarding dosage effect etc.

I had over 100 different rc`s so I could not possibly remember without it and used it for ref all the time.
writing about drugs every time you take them takes away from the high, write about it AFTER you take it maybe or even a few times whilst? I don't know...seems like you're taking it a bit seriously, I understand harm reduction but that sounds like you're sucking the fun out of it for yourself?
I write stuff about it but I don't put it on here, generally just notes I usually can't be bothered cause I'm busy being high,  harm reduction comes in many forms, mine is based mostly inside my own thoughts and remembering what was good and what wasn't.

P.s I think you'd experience a different high to when you're writing to when you're not, that's what bothers me about it...because your mindset is so serious
i log every drug i take in a whsmith yearly diary, doses only on important ones like benzos and opiates, stims i usually just write the stim taken and often write good/bad mixes - experiences etc
I've got a speadsheet that's over a year old now with all my takings, ROAs and purchases. 

I find it helps me to stop lying to myself.
I just try to remember the last time I took a benzo. Like this Tuesday, and force myself to wait at least a week before the next time.
Not a great system, especially when shit hits the fan in life and more are needed before my chosen time. Probably should keep a written record tbh.
All other substances I don't have so much concern about.

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