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All Day and Night RC Cocktail
Hi guys experienced drug user here, Weed, MKAT, Speed, Coke, Valium, Xanax, Oxycodone, GHB, Ritalin i'm bit wired to remember all the RC's i've taken including the benzo analogues, also heavy drinker in denial.

Not prescribed anything but have; Valium (on hand) and Anabolics as I'm a Bodybuilder.

So lately, had a few bouts of having  Valium and Red wine, keep blacking out too much and doing idiotic things that make me cringe (texting the ex ... ergh! You get the picture, nothing violent i do not get the myth known as 'roid rage' lmao)

Bought some RC's;

Had a cocktail all day/night at home, calm setting.

RC Cocktail (Synthecaine 1g, 3FPM 500mg & Mexedrone 500mg out of 1g up to yet)

I have a stupid tolerance to drugs (not proud of) My Dr says I have the constitution of an Ox, again nothing to be proud of and Yes my bloods were drawn after an overdose of high dose DMAA, 100 mg Valium and a litre of vodka 2 xmas's ago (not cool) and no harm apart from felt like death for a week and was advised to take milk thistle which I take anyway as i'm a bodybuilder who's 262lbs so shouldn't really do this as i know i can easily lose a good 10 pounds from these random benders (was around 272 before xmas)

Soo here we go;

Postie comes; (estimated times)
8.30am Wake up have Coffee was feeling rough from night before vals and wine again  cantwatch
9:00am crack parcel open decide to bomb about 500mg synthecaine.
9.30am Mc Donalds Breakfast, feel a good sense of well being, nothing strong though.
10:00am Missed college was wired, really focused though on my course was practicing coding made database app for a friend, productivity was even better plus it's not too bad as i'm ahead on work anyway and was 1 hour lesson and that was it for the day. Rang college tutor was ill anyway.
10.05am Decide to mix about 250mg of 3FPM and bomb it, can't snort 3FPM gave me nosebleeds as it was so harsh last time i tried it.
10.45am - The synthcaine was weak, the 3FPM gave me a good mood boost, was chatting away on Skype to fellow college buds as well as coding.

Enjoyed the effects until
2:00pm - redosed on the rest of synthecaine 500mg and the rest of 3FPM 250mg. (bombed)
2.30pm - feel clear headed i think its more the 3FPM kicking in as this is the feeling I got when I had it on its own.
5:00pm - Parents home and have a great sense of well being and a good chat with them.
6:00(ish)pm - Downloaded Tinder and matched with a hottie, was chatting to her all night plus other friends on WhatsApp and Skype, trying not to be a gas bag. 

Enjoyed tele with the family, they didn't notice but I had to stop myself gurning, tight jaw. Said I had stomach bug as at 260+lbs i eat 6 meals a day. 5000kcals.

10:00pm - Took 500mg mexedrone 
11:00pm - Still gassing away to the girl from Tinder, heads clear but feel wired, music sounds great
carried this on til 2.30, traded pics, she went to bed, I was typing fine and very functionable, wants to see me on weekend so wasn't too off it.

As of writing now it's 4:10pm - not going to sleep, will go college in a few hours, did it before the other month on 3FPM was fine, will take valium if I feel anxious but i didn't last time so hopefully should be ok.

Right now 4:29. I Feel wired nothing special like a low dose of shit speed, no euphoria, just chilled, jaw tight, slight gurns, managed to eat a yogurt, not eat all day apart from breakfast, didn't go gym pulled anterior delt Sad 

Just writing this going to redose the rest of the mexedrone, hopefully im not a zombie at college.

This was my first trip report, I'm doing it as a bit bored, can't sleep and just sharing experience. I'm now just gonna stay hydrated and watch tele, feel drowsy but wired, like ive had weed mixed with alcohol and good coke if you follow me.

Hope you enjoy this, I shall add to it the aftermath if people are interested. Please don't judge, I am aware of my drug usage but felt this was a nice lift to my day/night.

Positives, Nice sense of well being, functional, potential date, organised to catch up with an old friend next week.

Negatives, redosing and wish it was slightly stronger euphoria similiar to GHB (my fave).

Overall, I think I would stick with the 3FPM, i snorted it and was great but personally i advise to cap it or bomb it and save ya nose!

Right now I feel like i can't move, dry mouth and just in a relaxed state gurning away with a smile, gonna put some music on soon.

Thanks for reading, I'll probably check this tomorrow and realize what nonsense ive been chatting.
Hi Cloud Ninez and welcome to UKCR. That's quite some post for your first.

I'll try not to sound too judgemental, but remember that you are not your drug use and if we're critical of how you use drugs it's not intended as an attack on you personally. We're a harm reduction site, so if someone is talking about their drug use in a way that sounds particularly risky or harmful we tend to question that use - usually because of genuine concern. We share information and reports because it helps people to make informed decisions about their use of drugs.

To me, it doesn't sound like you're really making active decisions around your drug use. Using multiple substances at the same time and using very high doses are both higher-risk activities. Did you think it through before using and decided it was worth the risk, or was it something that happened just because you had the drugs around? If the latter, you may want to consider the extent to which you have your use under control, versus how much it controls you - from your description of benzodiazepine and alcohol mixtures (another risky combination) it sounds like this may be a pattern you often fall into.

Steroids are associated with impulse control issues ('roid rage is one presentation of this, but not the only one), so maybe that's also connected.

I'm making assumptions based on your report. Do you think your use is risky and impulsive or considered and intentional?
[Image: I%2Bfucking%2Blove%2BCocaine.jpg]
Oink oink...
This is outrageous. This is contagious. So futile.

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