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Alcohol or Drug Addicted Jobseekers Face Benefits Cut
News story/comment piece:

Oh dear. This is going to be a system open to abuse. "Unemployed people suspected of suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction will have their benefits cut if they refuse treatment for their condition" So if Margery on the desk suspects you have a problem you will get packed off to rehab without the job centre providing any evidence, and if you don't go they will cut your benefits. Some people may be too worried by their perceptions of going to an addicts convention and may take the haircut. This is another cynical attempt by the government to scapegoat a section of society to enable them to cut peoples benefits. The Conservatives should get their own house in order before they come preying on the most vulnerable members of society. Fuckers.

The same goes for their mutated, devil spawned side kicks the fib dems. What a disappointment they were. Just to vote for those guys. Never again.
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..spot on there Mr. Jawkins..
Yea society likes to beat on the poor and the dumb, & when permitted migrant populations, been that way for a while, its expected to continue
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Yep up here in Glasgow the amount of young people who never work & seem to be out their nut (on blues most of the time) is frightening. Applaud the Tories if they actually do something about it but at the same time not looking forward to the crimes these eejits will commit if their money gets stopped.
Yeah but thats not the point henrik, theyre tackling it completely the wrong way, its going to fuck over far more innocent (well, not all drug users are smack addicts) users more than solve the problem...
ned - i just wanted a code to go and hav a look but yee hav ruined it now acting like scientolagists with the code...seriously yee say im a prick just take a step back there
don't worry, he didn't say "legal highs"...
I would think they would at least have you take a drug test before taking away your benefits, in which case theres this....http://www.pissinator.com/
Well this is what ive come to expect from the tories and is totally idiotic because people with drug and alcohol problems will just be forced to hide their addictions for fear of losing their benefits and will then obviously not get the help they need and have a right to access. This will only have a detrimental effect on their health and well being and cause more worry and stress to these individuals and their families and will possibly cause more knock on effects anyway. It is just another instance that shows you what this government (well the tories at least) actually stands for and represents, i dont for a minute believe a word of the rhetoric they spout as they have and always will seek to protect the interests of their own and i just hope the tide is starting to turn and that come the next general election people see sense and give these assholes a swift kick in the bollocks they deserve!.

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