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Aims, Objectives and Goals
The aim of this section is to provide practical and realistic support for anyone that chooses to post here.  In no way shape or form does it replace the care of a medical or healthcare professional.  However UKCR realises that there are many members here that can provide valuable information to people with issues that they may not wish to discuss elsewhere.  This section is not viewable by non members or guests to the forum.

If anyone has serious concerns about themselves or anyone else please PM a member of the team and where possible we will do our best to advise on the best course of action for that person.

If anyone has any suggestions for this section please feel free to add your comments.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

can i suggest a section/thread for those who are supporting others, how to suggest help / when to back off / ect.

iv just realised im not good enough to support the "Victims" of addiction (their sons / daughters).

Can i suggest a section for how to support the victims/family/loved ones of addicts. addicts behavior can be so awful (Read: fucking appalling) sometimes and i dont know how i should approach it /have handled it when speaking to their daughter.

personally i think its harder than the addict themselves
Hood Hippy word
There is an organisation dedicated to this who's name escapes me. It's a worthy aim, addiction services tend to concentrate on the addict but the family and loved ones are often the ones picking up the pieces. Advice needs to be tailored to the individual's situation, drug of abuse etc.
I think you might mean Nar Anon?
Hardcore addicts can't often be reached. If the intervention or family confrontation method fails, where family and/or friends discuss the misery caused and how bad they feel. Then that person will not res[pond to doctors warnings or anything else. Change comes when realisation that it can't continue dawns and depending on the individual a detox or treatment is sought. The family are often the forgotten ones and there really needs to be a better support mechanism. Having said that there isn't enough money for treating the patients, its a thorny issue but no doubt addiction causes heartache more for family and friends than the person concerned.

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