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Advice on ROA - or how to administer your chemicals
(21-09-2012, 12:59 PM)al9984 Wrote:
(11-05-2012, 10:53 AM)Boselect Wrote: Intranasal Sprays
Generally better on your nose than snorting a raw, coarse compound.
Not always easy to make, I do not make them so if somebody could write a tutorial on that I’m sure people would be grateful.


Is there any update on this? I can fine some info on sprays for reducing damage after the event and a few bits on making a solution for tightly comtrolling microgram doses but nothing on pros and cons of using a spray for nasal ROA.

wouldn't there be a risk of it all getting washed down in a liquid form?

The lining in the nasal cavity is incredibly thin and absorbs incredibly quickly, its not like a few ml up your nose, it really is a little spritz.
Now that I've asked the questions I've been thinking and come up with some possible answers...

I've done calculations and assuming approx 0.1ml per spray (which looks like the average from a Google search) it seems to me that it would be impractical for use with any chemical with dosage of 10mg or more as you'd be getting close to a paste or having it so diluted you'd have to be spraying 10 times anyway. (I'll be happy to go though my calculations but I thought I'd spare you a LONG post)

What about mixing a dose in a glass of water (or fruit juice to cover the taste) instead of "bombing" because it would at the very least cut out the time needed to digest through the Rizal/capsule and as you'll probably be having a drink to wash that does with it wouldn't be diluting the stomach acids anymore than usual. Is there a reason for not doing this that I've missed?
i tried 5-meo-dalt in a class of orange cordial, i was that twat at the party with stuff floating in his drink :/ in my experience mixing with juice never really covers taste that much. except for grapefruit juice which is sour/bitter anyway (careful for any accidental potentiations and Grapefruit juice inhibits certain enzymes as im sure most of you know)

fastest method for oral application has to be dissolving in a shot of warm water and just being done with it.
Indeed. I've always found mixing with anything just prolongs the nasty taste. Now I just spoon it to the back of my tongue to minimise tongue contact and wash it down with something strong tasting. Usually redbull. A second of foul taste is better than trying to knock back foul tasting OJ. lol
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Have found that holding your nose whilst drinking down these aberrations of taste helps somewhat....:-!
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What happend to wrapping in a rizzla? Ive done most chemicals this way since day dot, and all my Kava for what its worth. don't get any of the taste, and it won't add to the comeup time.
(17-10-2012, 06:12 PM)xenon787 Wrote: What happend to wrapping in a rizzla? Ive done most chemicals this way since day dot, and all my Kava for what its worth. don't get any of the taste, and it won't add to the comeup time.

This is my preferred method for lots of chemicals as well. Can be a bit slower I find though than putting it in a drink. Hassle free though.
One thing to note here is that for both insuffalation and rectal you should really be quite careful with re dosing as a lot of these things are quite caustic so especially with plugging you can end up damaging yourself internally quite easily. I suppose there must be something you can use to try and normalise the pH but I don't know enough to say.
In the future everything will work, hopefully

This could be useful for new people to clarify what things mean.
Nice one, Renton. Cheers.
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