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Advice on ROA - or how to administer your chemicals
Righty-ho. I’ve been meaning to get a ‘general’ Harm Reduction thread up.

So here we go; walloftext below

Harm Reduction

Firstly, some useful websites.
Drug Information and Reports http://www.erowid.org
Drug Information, Reports and News http://www.bluelight.ru
Drug Information and News http://isomerdesign.com/Home/index.php
Materials for ‘Safer’ injection http://www.exchangesupplies.org/

First things first.

You need them. It doesn’t matter if you bought X amount from Joe Bloggs Vendor and divide it in half by eye. It’s not accurate, for many reasons;
Quote:You may have a generous vendor who gives you more than you ordered.
The label (if applicable) could have the wrong dose noted
The vendor may have sent you the wrong compound. (intentionally or not, it’s your fault if you OD/Die on an unknown compound, not theirs).

With scales comes;

Getting quality scales
Avoid EBAY at any cost, unless you are looking at proper, brand-name analytical scales.
I would recommend the scales BRC stock. They are cheap and pretty accurate for anything that requires a dose of 5mg upwards. You could invest in some more expensive ones, but that is only really a necessity if you’re working with incredibly highly active compounds

Weighing your compound

I see no reason to write a tutorial when Julian, of BRC, posted this on his website. I have made a few minor changes.
note; these are specifically for the scales that BRC sell. But the method can be translated to any scales really.

Quote:1) Turn on the unit, and calibrate it using the instructions included with the device. After calibrating, check again that the 10g calibration weight gives a reading 10.000g. If it doesn’t, then re-calibrate, making sure your surface is flat and level, there are no drafts and that there are no vibrations that are effecting it.

2) Next, place the \"scale pan\" (for want of a better term) on the weighing platform and make a note of this weight of the pan - it should be in the zone of 1.197g-2.000g with the HA-20’s pan but check what the reading is for your pan. And weigh it twice to double check the figure.

3)Take the pan OFF the weighing platform and then add some of the chemical onto it. This is the key bit of information - do not add material to the scale pan when it is on the weighing platform, it will most likely not register the weight accurately as the chemical is added! Only after that, place the scale pan back on the weighing platform and wait at least 30 seconds to make sure the pan settles and the weight does not fluctuate.

4) Make a note of the new reading and then subtract the weight of the scale pan, (e.g. in this example 1.197g) from the total weight shown. So for example, if the scale now shows a reading of 1.215g, then you know you have 18mg of material on the pan.

5) If this is too much and you wanted to weigh out less, say you only want to weigh 13mg, then take the pan off the weighing platform and remove some material. Then place the pan back on the weighing platform and take a note of the new reading. If it now reads 1.210g then you know you have the desired 13mg!

6) But suppose you really wanted 20mg. Ok, take the scale pan off the weighing platform, add a little more chemical and place it back on the platform. If the new reading is now 2.217g then you’ve likely got your 20mg. If not then take the scale pan off again and repeat until you hit the target.

Now, thats scales pretty much covered.'


First things first.
Allergy Tests, do them.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the product before, you don’t know if its from a new batch, contains impurities/adulterants or is somehow the wrong compound.
It doesn’t even really waste any product.
Heres what you do;
1) Just measure the smallest amount you can on your scales (preferably 1-5mg)
2) Try to split it several times
3) Dab one of the small sections that remains (which should be 1mg or less) onto or under your tongue, it may taste bad.
4) Wait 30 minutes, if there are any adverse reactions such as swelling or irritation I would advise against consumption.

I could be a pedantic arsehole and go into the whole enteral, topical or parental routes, but I’ll keep it as simple as I can.

Right, we have 5 main ROA’s

and Injection
I will not cover injection, as although I do use it as an ROA, I will not recommend it to anybody. You’re best off going via Rectal admin.

Let’s break them down;

Right, this isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not only chucking it in and swallowing.
Here’s what you could do;
Basically wrapping your measured chemical into a rizla and swallow it
Or taking a gelcap containing your chemical
This is keeping the chemical under your tongue until it diffuses into the blood under your tongue.
keeping the chemical between your lip and gum.

The latter 2 are usually only required for consumption of a chemical that is held on blotters.

Insufflation, Snorting or Railing. Basically shoving it up your hooter.
There is not JUST one way to do this.
Right, Personally I wouldn’t advocate wrecking your nasal cavities, but each to their own.
For this you, quite literally, put the measured amount of chemical onto a surface and (by using a straw, or tube) sniff it hard so it enters your nasal cavity. This ROA is effective with a lot of compounds due to rapid absorption of molecules into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane of the sinus cavity.
Intranasal Sprays
Generally better on your nose than snorting a raw, coarse compound.
Not always easy to make, I do not make them so if somebody could write a tutorial on that I’m sure people would be grateful.

Generally this ROA is strictly limited to ‘smoking’.
But it actually covers 2 methods.
Quite simple, this.
Rolling your chemical and plant matter into a rolling paper and smoking it.
Packing X plant matter + chemical into a bong and taking a hit.
You should know how it’s done. You know the long-term dangers.
Freebasing AKA Vaporizing
I’m not going to cover home-made/lightbulb vapes or hot-kniving yet, only Electronic Vaporizers (like the ‘volcano’ etc). If you have one, I have no doubt you know how to use it. Just check around bluelight/wiki’s for the boiling point of your compound and set the temp of your vaporizer to that, or as near as possible. Wait until the compound has filled your ‘balloon’ and inhale.

Quite simply putting the chemical up your bum.
Now before you all go ‘ewwwww‘. It hits faster than any of the above ROA’s and is near on-par with injection in how quick and hard it hits. In my opinion it is logical to try at least once per chemical if you are all for ‘bang-for-buck’
Word of warning, dosing via this ROA is more effective than oral, start low and slowly increase doses over experiences
There’s no subheading for this, its plain and simple, and make sure you take a steaming shit before you do this.
1) Obtain a thin syringe (or thick, if you’re into that kinda thing), you can get baby syringes from boots or from one of the sites listed above.
2) Dissolve your compound into warm water, A couple ml is plenty enough but if after a few minutes it hasnt dissolved add a tiny bit more. It doesnt need to fully dissolve.
3) Pull the solution up into the syringe. If you use a drawing needle, take it off after.
4) Now, you may need some lubrication here, but insert the syringe into your anus, about an inch of the barrel should be inside your rectum, be gentle.
5) Finally, push the plunger and brace for it to hit in the next few minutes while you wash your hands.

I do not recommend Injection. I have, though, provided a link to where you can obtain sterile/safer injecting products at the top of this post.
The only harm reduction advice I can really offer is to not share or re-use needles (nobody wants to contract hepatitis or HIV), use alcohol wipes to sterilize the area prior to injecting and I will recommend that you have at least one sober sitter.
I’m not going to go through processes of application, like i did with Rectal. I feel it would be the opposite of harm reduction advocating it.
Blodwyn has a supply of injecting equipment if you are determined this is a ROA you are going to follow please PM her for more information.

Anything I’ve forgotten?
Anything I should add?
Post in here and I’ll add it, or write/source something about it.

You mention that rectal admin is more efficient than oral, and thus requires a lower dose generally. Could you advise as to what kind of percentage reduction people should aim for when switching between the two?
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Nice job.
(11-05-2012, 11:17 AM)SirBors Wrote: You mention that rectal admin is more efficient than oral, and thus requires a lower dose generally. Could you advise as to what kind of percentage reduction people should aim for when switching between the two?

All depends on the compound, really.

For 6-apb, 65-70mg plugged felt similar to 100mg oral dose, but with a far faster onset.

With MXE, due to the stupid doses I was up to, 80mg plugged felt like 125~mg oral dose, except much faster onset and faster decline.

I would generally say you should take a third/30% less. but always start low and increase, never dive in.
What about shoving pills up there?Would they hit faster than taking them orally?
would be best to dissolve the pill into water and plug that. I wouldnt advise sticking pellets up your bum.
(13-05-2012, 12:18 PM)Boselect Wrote: would be best to dissolve the pill into water and plug that. I wouldnt advise sticking pellets up your bum.

..always the option of making your own suppositories.. gelatin & glycerin or cocoa butter are good mediums.. make the moulds from tin foil etc.. the suppositories store well in your fridge.. next to the beers I s'pose.. ;)
there are some chems that are not that water soluble (5-Meo-Dalt) but will dissolve readily in an oil. Important mainly for those who want to plug but possibly could be a factor with an oral dose on an empty stomach as theres not many natural lipids in the stomach.

Sterile olive oil is readily available from a pharmacy (it's used for treating earwax) for the pluggers.
The bombers with empty stomachs should consider having a glass of milk or a bite of something fatty when taking a minimally water soluble drug to aid absorption.

Oh and it's important how empty your stomach is for the onset of an oral dose. You want to avoid a situation where someone bombs 50mg mxe after a huge meal and has a lovely mild trip then tries to repeat the experience on an empty stomach and enters an unexpected m-hole due to the changes in absorption times
Why isnt this stuck
(11-05-2012, 10:53 AM)Boselect Wrote: Intranasal Sprays
Generally better on your nose than snorting a raw, coarse compound.
Not always easy to make, I do not make them so if somebody could write a tutorial on that I’m sure people would be grateful.


Is there any update on this? I can fine some info on sprays for reducing damage after the event and a few bits on making a solution for tightly comtrolling microgram doses but nothing on pros and cons of using a spray for nasal ROA.

wouldn't there be a risk of it all getting washed down in a liquid form?

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