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Advice and guidance for a newbie
Hi all :)

I've been getting very much interested in trying out stimulant type RC's, i have a few in mind but the honest truth is that i don't know too much about them and i have zero experience with them.

So from what i could find myself by doing research on the net, reading reviews etc.., 3-MMC and 4-FA seem like interesting choices as well as possibly the 'pre-made' mixes e.g. (3-FPM + HDEP-28 + Lidocaine) in a pre-mixed powder. I'm not gonna mention any brands etc.. as i'm not sure if that's ok to do so here :)

I want to find something that gives a nice buzz and euphoria feeling. What would you guys/gals recommend please? Anything to look out for? 

Thanks :)
don't buy branded because you won't know whats in it... none of the RC's available in the UK before the recent ban were really known for euphoria... I used to do a bit of 3 fpm and it was a reasonable buzz if you wanted to stay legal but none of the euphoria associated with traditional street / party drugs...

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
Hi McMuffin,


And i 200 % agree with Ralhar : avoid branded products like pest.

One Love

niamh edited 22-01-2017 10:44 PM this post because:

Please do not recommend or suggest drugs that are controlled in the UK. This is against the rules.


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