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Acid Rap
As titled! This thread is for acid rap and psychedelic hip-hop!

I've been a long time listener of hip-hop and rap and I've grown to love Foreign Beggars, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Clockwork Indigo etc and I know that sharing this music is a must as it's some of the best stuff to listen to under the influence or sober.

I have a lot more I can share, I'll compile a list of videos and post them on here :D
All responses are welcome, suggestions and links to songs etc.

No madvillainy?

Hood Hippy word
(16-07-2015, 08:35 PM)SteveBrule44 Wrote: No madvillainy?

Worth an add!

Wrong video in OP, don't want to try to edit the post because they combined and you can only post one video per post.

Much love for all the links and stuff.  Love shit like this! Meditate
Psychedelic  Slut....

Cosmic Traveler.Independant ?Thinker.Drug AddictXX
ASAP mob??

A fucking abomination to hip hop.
I don't know what defines something as being Acid rap.. but this is cool and the guys name nearly is Acid

'90 / '91

Raves, E's... what can I say about those days... best just to share this


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