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Acetone v PG/VG mis
hey guys, 

I have seen some really useful info on making your own herbal blends, but have a question? is there a specific kind of "acetone" to buy? I like how one story says that it "dissolves immediately" your said product....but then seen a post on making a vape about heating some PG/VG and doing it that way? 

What do you think?

I guess in a way I've answered my own question......

do i want 10 ml of vape or 6 G of tabbaco...lolool 

worried about the "acetone" though...i mean any thing that takes nail varnish off and stuff well would i not be better drinking glass ? lolol......or does it vaporize...that's the question i was trying to get across....

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PG/VG is for e-liquids.  theyre the main liquids used in all e-cig stuff and the likes.

for making herbal blends you want a volatile solvent that the noid is soluble in, acetone is the best example of one.  It's best to get as pure as you can, as "nail varnish remover" acetone usually has oils and other residuals.  you can get this all on ebay and check, you want 99%+ acetone with no additives for blends.  The acetone doesnt stay in, you evaporate it out of the mixture over the course of a few hours (with a heating plate)to a day or so (well ventilated area at normal temp evaporation)

you'll need to clarify what you intend the end product to be for somebody to help, these are very different processes.  There are some tutorials here on making blends, but i cant recall any e-liquid tutorials
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