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AL-LAD micro dosing
After reading another thread on here about some peeps who micro dose a certain illegal psychedelic I thought I'd give it a go with AL-LAD.

The 150mcg AL-LAD blotter was from LL.

So I googled a picture on how to split a square into 1/15's otherwise it would have been a nightmare. I wouldn't say I was exactly precise at cutting them but they were good enough...

[Image: pic5.gif]

I micro dosed for 4 days in a row in the end. A few variations in dose. The first day I took 1/15 in the morning and then we went to Brighton early evening and took another 1/15 then on the way home took another 1/15. It's a very slight underlying happy buzz. No stimulating effect, slightly drowsy if anything but that could have been to being up early. The Mrs had a headache on the way back but she'd been up since 5am so was probably just a long day but can't be sure.

The second day I took 2/15 in one go. Pretty much the same feeling as the previous day, not twice as strong as I was hoping which was probably due to tolerance building up. But again a nice happy buzz. Went to Cambersands for the day, had a great time and the Mrs thought it was especially funny that I wouldn't swim in the sea because I was cold and she was swimming around like a seal. I've done numerous Triathlons, Ironman Triathlons, mountain bike races, Tough Guy in January swimming in frozen lakes etc which is why she was so amused. Nothing was going to budge me into swimming in the sea that day Brrrrrrrr. 

The third day took 1/15 again and went to a local naturist beach. This time I wasn't so cold and swam in the sea for bit and had another lovely day.

Fourth day another 1/15, did some work (IT).


Made me more confident to talk to strangers
Increased sexual desire and senses
Could get to sleep easily as normal
Couldn't swim in the sea on more than 1/15
There's no visuals and didn't have any problems driving
Some problems finding words i.e. triage instead of dressage (which lead to visions of a dancing horse at A&E) that kept us laughing like lunatics for a while whilst walking along cambersands beach.
No body load other than the above sea issues.
No pupil dilation

The Mrs had been having panic attacks for the last couple of weeks due to a combination of too many stims, not enough sleep, not eating and not listening to me! Anyway, this could be a coincidence but she stopped having panic attacks after her first dose of AL-LAD. I don't think it's a coincidence but can't be 100% on that.

Overall this is my favourice RC at the moment especially at such a low dose. Perfect for gigs and festivals, even a family BBQ. 


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