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AL-LAD Trip Report
21:45 - 300ug consumed. Chewed and swallowed.

22:05 - First contact. Ever so slight warm waves of energy start to permeate through my body.

22:15 - Feel kinda of stoned when walking. The warm waves are building in intensity and now have a very pleasant euphoric edge.

22:45 +1hr - Warm euphoric waves continue but stop increasing in intensity. Start giggling but unsure why. Ponder, then continue giggling.

23:45 +2hrs - Warm euphoric waves continue and giggling continues to bring pleasure. Start to feel quite erotic and my skin feels really sensitive. No psychedelic experience yet but I have a recognizable taste in my mouth. Can feel that its getting close.

00:45 +3hrs - Go into back garden for cigarette. My attention is drawn to a particular part of my wall at the end of the garden. Rustles, wisps, crackles. Slightly illuminated by street lights. There is movement. It unnerves me a little. A stone within the wall turns round revealing a sinister looking face in the shadows. I scream "fuck that shit", dart back inside and lock the backdoor.

Then I remember AL-LAD and laugh hysterically and then announce to Nibbles the pet hamster "the visuals have arrived". He looked like he didn't give a shit and then gave me those big eyes. I thought fuck that too. Unlocked the back door and put Nibbles in the shed. Garden gives me the creeps so get back inside sharpish.

01:45 +4hrs - Sound perception feels ultra sensitive. I hear everything in the minutest of detail. Temples hurt a little. Can feel a sense of reality being distorted slightly. Have a period of 10 minutes where I feel hot and sick but passes without consequence.

02:45 +5hrs - AL-LAD doesn't want to show her face and starts tailing off. I feel very underwhelmed. Apart from the wall and Nibbles fucking nasty eyes visuals have been barely noticeable. Mostly sound distortions more that anything. Thinking crystal clear, lucid throughout.

Decide to try re-dosing so drop remaining 3 blotters (450ug). Expect experience to be prolonged but also hoping overlap may increase intensity. Not expecting much beyond duration.

3:05 - visual perception shifting at pace. Takes my breath away. Deep slow breaths and calming thoughts needed.

03:45 +6hrs - launched into a different dimension. Waves of different colours sweep and ripple before me. Walls, ceiling and floor breath in and out. Everything around me melts into one. Looks like marble with smooth waves of beige, greys, orange and white. Feel calm and start giggling. Here a voice muttering "you are fucked" then realize I'm the one muttering. I giggle with even more vigor and a dash of pizaz to boot. I wonder what Nibbles would make of me right now. Bringing him back in is not an option. Turn TV on and find music station with difficulty. Lights off and get in sleeping bag on couch.

I notice how the music has changed dramatically. It no longer sounds like music. No words are recognizable anymore. Feel confused. Sound starts reacting significantly with visuals and reaches a point where sound and vision become one. I noted the following in the AL-LAD thread

Quote:With music playing sound was sensed in waves and seemed to make a complete connection with my visuals and time perception. Sound melted into the visuals to become one throbbing mass rippling with waves of psychedelic neon colors. Predominantly pinks and blues. Sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down. When things slowed right down I could feel momentary disconnects from reality which left me with irrational feeling of guilt or more of a feeling like I'm intruding like an unwanted guest.

I focus my attention on a digital clock. At 4:04 reality is broken and I feel like I've been set free. Feel my chest tighten, deep breath and reassure myself. No longer have sense of being in a room anymore. I look at my hands and arms. The skins turns into cracked eggshell texture then morphs into the psychedelic background. Swirling, heaving, wisping, pushing, rolling. Neon pinks, blues and some yellow and green.

Develop a feeling of guilt like I've invaded somebody's space without an invite. Feel my heart sink so deep then scream "fuck you, who needs an invite". Immediately feel better. I will AL-LAD to show her face. Its grotesque, demonized, too horrible, too complex to describe in words. I freak out and scream "what the fuck!!!!!!!!!" then loose myself for 20-30 minutes.

04:45 +7hrs - I don't move from the sofa. Thrust, toss and turn. Feel uncomfortable. No matter how I position myself I melt into the sofa. I eventually resign myself to it and stop fighting. I call myself a HOFA. Makes me giggle and fart :)

Notice CEV more intense than OEV. Decide to explore and find myself in a bright abstract world full of straight lines, patterns but no sense or order or meaning. I marvel at the color and shifting patterns but soon get bored.

I decide to got outside for a fag as its quite light outside. A bird flies above me. As I focus it explodes into thousands of birds. I'm in awe. The sounds of nature seem incredible to me. I decide I must go and explore.

I walk for 30 minutes but the intensity of all the sounds around me, the birds, rustle of leaves branches, my own footsteps plus visuals fill me with panic. I feel like there is just too much to process. I can't cope so retreat back to the safety of my home.

05:45 +8hrs - back on sofa. Feel uncomfortable now and again with the way my thought process is leaning towards negativity. Visuals follow in the same vain but find it easy to pull it back. Feels like pulling a rubber band.

Feel like I've been given the psychedelic remote control and start manipulating in many weird and wonderful ways. Feel great joy and a sense of not wanting to waste a moment.

06:45 +9hrs - Intensity starts dropping. Feel comfortable, happy, warm and my mind feels crystal clear.

Comedown smoothly from thereon. By 9:30 I'm back to baseline.

AL-LAD is so similar to lucy its easier to note the differences:

* The come-up took longer and had a very different feeling expressed in warm euphoric waves.

* Psychedelic is all there but I never had the sound/visual connection in this extreme with lucy or anything else for that matter. Sublime is the only word.

* Crystal clear thinking was experienced for most of the trip. The only time it was really lost was at the peak but only lasted a short while. When I sensed things turning negative it was easy to pull back with deep breathing and positive thinking.

Hope this comes across readable enough. My note taking was a fucking joke so took a little time putting things in the correct order. Plus I'm exhausted now Happy
Great TR CosmicWorm.

Really detailed and got a feeling for what you were going through. Hopefully new exciting chemicals like this can keep the community buzzing.
Sarcastic junkie who likes to write about himself. Don't believe a word. tumbleweed
nice report i must be a lightweight these days or being clean for a couple of weeks and preloading with 5-htp and theanine daily must have helped or im just very receptable to this not a bad thing maybe
(02-06-2013, 02:01 PM)zombywoof Wrote: nice report i must be a lightweight these days or being clean for a couple of weeks and preloading with 5-htp and theanine daily must have helped or im just very receptable to this not a bad thing maybe

With respect fuck that lightweight bollocks! Its about the experience, not the dose. There are too many factors involved.
Great report Cosmic. Peoples' experience seem very consistent across the reports so far doesn't it. HowTF are we gonna keep this shit available somehow, it can't just disappear off radar altogether. Nooooooo! :(
If the worst was to happen at least the memories survive the trip in vivid detail *cool*
Great report, man. I love the way you described your visuals! I can really relate to those cracked neon eggshells :D
Nibbles seems like a f'kin biatch!

ps. Interesting TR :)
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