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AL-LAD Report
yeah when I get to that state round my area we always say we're fucked nothing else no words like mullered, hammered or mashed just "fucked". Good report, I'm a bit sceptical when people talk about euphoria with these research chems but I'll take your word for it.
Will definitely be giving this a try. I've gone off stims lately and am on a break from them but have a definite fascination with trying Psychs and this seems like a good starting point, probably at a lower dose though. Probably 150ug to start. That seem a good jumping point for someone starting out with this sort of chem?
Cookie My common sense is tingling   Cookie
I'd think so, cookie. Some peeps have a great time at 150ug, others find it a little mellow (e.g., me). So it's a decent starting point - you could even go down to 100ug if you're sensitive to psychs (with little to no tolerance).
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