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AL-LAD - A love story
Ok, well I’ve been holding back from writing my TR for a while, because, of the four occasions I have taken it, the first three, although highly enjoyable, weren’t enough of the ‘trip’ I was after, and I hoped there was more to come.

Unfortunately, on the fourth occasion, when true ‘trip’ status was reached, writing & note-taking went WAY out of the window, so it won’t have the fine details it could have done, but I think concentrating on the recording would probably also maybe have detracted from my experience. (And for quite a lot of it, I couldn’t actually read or write anyway!)

I may as well recount each experience and the run-up to the ‘big one’, seeing as I took quite detailed notes the first time, bearing in mind however, that I’m becoming increasingly aware that my TR notes always seem to consist mainly of what I’m actually doing at the time, rather than how the drug is affecting me!  MUST TRY HARDER!

The first two TR’s are from notes, the third from memory & the fourth mainly from memory and minimal initial reporting! (though in-trip messages were found a week after starting this)

The first two blotters were given to me, but all were purchased from LL in 3 separate transactions.

Trip Report 1: The Virgin Voyage

150mcg x 2 (End of June 2013) 

Until this point, apart from one light-weight psychedelic a couple of nights before, I had not taken any psychedelics for several years. My psychedelic history was a couple of mushroom trips in the late eighties, blotter LSD in the 90’s (but I was mainly a corner nibbler than a full-on tripper), and about 2 intense, but amazing liquid LSD times in the 90’s and a couple at least seven years ago.
The gradual legal disappearance of the stimulants I enjoyed, combined with increasing personal austerity and some encouraging TR’s, made me more interested in trying psychedelics again.

Prior to this occasion, I’d had a few previous days of stims, and the aforementioned ‘light-weight’ psychedelic.
I hadn’t thought I was going to have the time and desire to try AL-LAD until my next child-free week-end, but after writing ‘you’ll know when the time is right’ in reply to a thread about anxiety over taking psychedelics, I just know that the time IS right, right now.
Despite it being not ideal at all in terms of time and recovery after my previous session, after reading the AL-LAD trip reports on the forum, I do just know that this is the right time.

1656: 150mcg blotter placed in mouth
1713: Swallow blotter. Go to put lawnmower away, carry on gardening.
1742: Go inside to fetch something after furious chopping and clearing. (Note: I think I’ve written ‘furious’ in my notes to indicate the intensity & energy of my actions rather than any sense of anger!) Almost imperceptible change in visual – can’t pinpoint what though.
1800: Taking washing off the line, finding patterns on a top very interesting and vibrant – slight sound distortion.
1815: Friend pops in for 10 minutes having been pre-warned what I was doing. As she leaves, she asks me if I can feel much. As I’m saying ‘not much yet...’ I feel the effects intensifying.
1840: Am aware that I’d like to stop gardening and just focus on the ‘trip’ - must get nasturtiums planted first – Poo!
1853: A sensation of sunshine – yellow light flooding into my vision (whilst inside the house)
1923: Clear up and come in from the garden. Distorted, shimmery visuals, no particular change in thought processes. A feeling of well-being, but keen to take this further – I want exploding colours!
2021: Second 150mcg blotter ingested. Running a bath, am able to function completely fine.
2100: Get in the bath – enjoy being cocooned in fluid warmth immensely. Visuals are becoming more intense
2120: Out of bath, closing curtains. Feel slightly sad that everything is looking grey and dark outside, after the sunny warmth of the day, but then I turn around and am comforted by the snug warmth of inside.
2130: Lie on my back on bed eating a Vimto ice-lolly and feeling completely and utterly serene. (The last word anyone who knows me would probable ever describe me as being!) Content. Would be happy to do this in public/party/festi
2250: Snuggly on the sofa, loving listening to the Dizraeli and The Small Gods album (free to listen online) 'Moving in the dark'.
(This was the night I discovered them & began my obsession with them, which has calmed down a bit since the restraining order)
Munching away on poppy & sesame seed thins, loving the textures of the seeds popping between my teeth, and the nutty, earthy tastes released with each ‘pop’.
0343: Upstairs to bed with second glass of wine – take 1mg Etizolam – a rarity for me – I bought 50 well over a year ago, have given loads away & still have loads left.
Although I really enjoyed my night, and felt utterly content, the experience lacked the intensity I expected, but I was pretty sure that I had some tolerance issues from my sessiony week, plus taking the blotters so widely spaced out, due to it being the first time, didn’t take me anywhere near where I wanted to go.
Trip Report 2

150mcg (End of July 2013)

Have had a few light snacks in the evening and a couple of glasses of wine.
Had a few hours sleep the previous night.  Had taken 2xpre-ban 6apb pellets the previous day.

0035: 150mcg blotter sucked, chewed, swallowed
0105: Snowflakes in peripheral vision – fleeting.
0148: The TV recording I’m watching finishes, after a very emotional last 15 minutes.
Realise visuals in effect, like a backwards and forwards shimmering – not shaking – like a zoom lens going in and out
0200: Savage diarrhoea. Not necessarily the AL-LAD, just as likely to be me.
There endeth my notes.

From what I remember, once again, I didn’t feel like I had experienced everything the AL-LAD  had to give, and although my tolerance to drugs in general was lower on this occasion, it was obviously still an issue.
I would definitely have gone for 300mcg on this occasion, had I not had commitments in the morning that I definitely could NOT have been tripping for.
Trip Report 3

150mcg (End of August 2013)

There was little to note about the actual effects of this experience, most notable being that I did it at a festival, after meeting our esteemed forum member, Zebra for the first time, after discovering that we were both going to be going to the same festival.

My tolerance was high and again, I enjoyed the AL-LAD, a few wibbly-wobbly visuals, sense of well-being etc, but nothing to write home about. It was great to meet Zebra and although he hardly frequents the forum these days, rest assured, he is doing just fine!

Within half an hour of meeting, we’d dropped a 150mcg blotter each, hung out for a bit, then gone our separate ways with different groups of friends, so despite seeing him a few times over the weekend, didn’t spend the duration of the trip together.

When I messaged him to ask if he minded me mentioning him in my TR, he said of his AL-LAD experience that day,  ‘That stuff definitely seemed like it had potential, was bordering on a full on trip from just what we had, lots of giggling at everything bending/turning to liquid’

Trip Report 4: The Big Bang

 300mcg + 75 mcg (Beginning of October 2013)

Firstly, a little background....I had no idea I was going to be consuming this that evening. I’d been testing the Evoke sample the previous day, hadn’t slept the previous night, but had slept for about 3 hours during the day.
A very old friend, who doesn’t live locally, had said he’d be working in the area & finishing Saturday after working all night, so I said it was cool for him to visit and stay the night.

Now, this friend, let’s call him Blazey for want of a better name, is someone I’ve known about 20 years and was one of my male friends I had such a close bond with, that no matter how awfully I saw him behave to others at times, I always still loved like a brother, despite not liking him at several points.
He had however been more than redeeming himself in recent years & his praises had been sung by those he hurt for quite a while.

Suffice to say, as a fellow ex-junkie, we’d both seen each other at our worst as well as our best!
Ever since a hideous k-hole I got lost in at a grotty London squat party in the 90’s, when I honestly believed I would be sectioned if he hadn’t been there just protecting me for hours when I couldn’t move or speak apart from the words ‘please don’t leave me’, we’ve always had a strong bond despite not seeing much of each other over the past few years, due to living in different areas now.

So....Saturday, I’ve had 3 hours sleep, I’ve not managed to get dressed out of my frump-wear, bare face, contact-lenses out, haven’t even washed since sweaty old punk gig the night before.

It’s just an old mate coming round who’s seen me looking like this after every single party every weekend for years, nothing to see here....then about 10 minutes before he was due to arrive, I just had a ‘feeling’ (and I am not psychically or cosmically inclined in the slightest, I just knew that ‘something’ was going to happen & assumed it was down to horniness & that I was going to ill-advisedly have sex with my friend, I guess, despite that not being my M.O these days, with late onset chastity being almost exclusively the order of the day over the past four years of my intentional singledom!)

After bathing (separately) that evening, it was pretty damn obvious ‘something’ was going to happen and I don’t know how the conversation turned to AL-LAD & the possibility of doing it that evening, but it did, and I just happened to have 5x150mcg tabs sitting in the freezer.
I knew that if I was going to do it again, that I definitely wanted to take 300mcg this time, as 150mcg had been underwhelming on each of the previous occasions I’d tried it.

Although Blazey is well-acquainted with psychedelics of yore, he had not partaken of RC’s before, & therefore not tried AL-LAD previously.
I made him read loads of the forum information about it and tried to convince him that going straight in at 300mcg without having tried it before, was totally inadvisable, even telling him about the amount of AL-LAD-freaking-out-in-underpants-in-front-of-the-neighbours experiences that have been appearing lately. He just said ‘have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?’ and didn’t want to know any more about bad experiences.

Eventually, with my disclaimers of ‘well I’ve given you the facts & advised you not to have 2 for your first time’ ringing in Blazey’s ears, we both ingested 300mcg AL-LAD.

At some point after we'd come up, we cut the last remaining 150mcg tab in half & took another 75mcg each.

This is where the excuses come out again, as my TR notes from the evening consist of:

2200: 300mcg consumed
2225: Yellow tinge

That’s it. *cringe*

Blazey’s ‘audio-diary’ of the evening consists of three short recordings, roughly transcribed:

Audio 1 (2219)

Blazey: This is *date*(speaking in a mock officious news reporter voice)
Tralala: *Giggling in the background*
B: and we are er in a house in ****
T: In an undisclosed location
B: In an undisclosed location, but you know, that part of the world. We’ve just consumed 300mcg of AL-LAD, also known as *reads full name from label on the baggy* & we’re waiting to see what happens. This is an audio diary that we’re going to try & keep going as long as we can.

Audio 2 (2231)

B: Update on that. Blazey is feeling some slight euphorics & Tra is having a slight yellow tinge *Tra cackling in the background*
T: Tra has a jaundiced view *finds this very funny*
B: Oh yeh, and goose bumps *more laughter*

Audio 3 (2237)

B: Tra can see the visuals and feel the visuals
And there endeth the comprehensive ‘audio-diaries’, just as we’re starting to come up on the trip.

Luckily I also had some (limited) messaging contact with Blod that night & a bit more in the morning)
Please excuse my demented typing!

2322 Tra: triiping, snooging, lustinbg!! xx

0024 Blod:  im all over this anfd eveywhere woooop go you xx

0025 Tra: woooooooooohhh tripppppppppppppppppinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg xdxxxxxxx

0025 Blod: ucking vhammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmered

0027 Blod: i am high tired and drunk oh and i had a fight on the train chavvy teenagers 0 moi 1
fuck you chavvy twats xx
oh hello you want to have a word i'd like a word to be honest let go lets go

0028 Tra: lets goiooooo! oW BGWRROPDF xx

0028 Blod: 2 boys on the floor

0029 Blod: with their twatty girlfriends watching
oh hai woukd you like some of what they had no i dont think so

0030 Tra: cryingggggggggggggg cqant taLK CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCXXXXXXXXXXXX#

At that point I can remember not being able to see to spell properly or converse in the slightest in writing & needed to return to my cocoon on the sofa

0832 Tra: now that my friend, was a motherfucking TRIP!! xxx

0953 Blod: You OK xxx

1001 Tra: yes sireeee....me n B did 2x AL-LAD blotters each then another half...woh! out there! mind blowing awesome! deep! soz, couldnt see or type or anything earlier!!! u ok!! ? xx

1013 Blod: Yeah just hungover urgh xx Tell me tell me what was the trip like xxxx

1019 Tra: yr fight with the chavs on the train had me crying (with laughter), but couldn’t tell u that, cos was so incapable & i could see that it could look really worrying what i said, but i just could not see/express /type etc...trip was just awesome..& sooo special with B, who i've told u bout before....deep deep love...always fancied each other over years.... but never right sits etc ...but when he was coming yest, just before he turned up, i KNEW we were gonna break the lust barrier for 1st time..... just soooo much fucked up history together, but a deep enduring love whatever's been going on in r lives, & however many times he fucked up & was a wanker, even to other people I loved, he was always my brother....its always gone deeep with us, but never over that line....anyway..

1021 Tra: after whole worry bout giving him al-lad & making him read all the info & talking bout it n stuff, fuck it we double dropped & just went to so many awesome places....sex was happening, but sooo fucked that got distracted & oh, i'm rubbish at describing, but it was oh fuck fuck fucking beautiofulxxx

1032 Blod: I am so happy for you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1805 Tra:....we only woke up a wee buit ago! I was panicking that I'd missed a day & it was mon! gonna go out for din in a bit xx
I would say that after an hour or so, I was getting visuals from the wood-grain in the furniture (though actually, looking at it now after only a couple of glasses of wine, it is pretty trippy) & fractally images from a large picture on the wall, but never actual hallucinations.

The whole trip for me, was mainly a touch, sensation, feeling & laughter thing, where words were triggering a ‘feeling’

Certain words conjuring up images & a ‘feeling’ of those images, which were setting me off in intense laughter – ‘Pontypridd’ was all white & lacey & doily & Victorian ladies in white holding parasols, whereas 'Merthyr Tydfil' was more chunky, and autumnal & rhubarb & ramblers & brown tones.

At the height of the trip, Blazey experienced an ear sensation he’s had before on nitrous, which he said was almost overwhelming at times, explaining it afterwards as a ‘digital noise with loops & changes...synthesised sound, slightly changing in pitch & increasing in sound in both ears, getting really loud’, but his main impressions of the night were, ‘Loving the music, sound, atmosphere, it felt really clean....no jagged, nasty edges’

We spent most of the night on the sofa, I was getting totally lost into the sensations of touch & closeness in a nice way.
We were having quite a lot of difficulties with putting on music & deciding what to put on, as we had started the night taking turns to put on music from my desk top pc in the hallway, as the speakers are louder than on my laptop.
Laughter was also definitely the order of the night; intense, whole body, uncontrollable.

Just before dawn, we were definitely coming ‘back in the room’ more & feeling the need for more blanket cover & going up to bed was a revelation of comfort, falling asleep mid-morning & waking about 1830 Sunday evening.

After-glow was in abundance, though it’s impossible to distinguish what was down to the AL-Lad & what was the realisation we’d managed to fall in love overnight (that after-glow remains undiminished!)
I have no idea if the ‘love’ thing would have happened had we not taken AL-LAD together; the lust thing certainly would, but beyond that, who knows.
It certainly made me more receptive to such a notion, as a relationship was the last thing I wanted or needed, and it remains to be seen whether it can survive severe time constraints, physical distance, & a shared addiction history, but we’re giving it a bloody good go!

Now that I’ve experienced the ‘trip’ that I was looking for from AL-LAD, I’m not sure if I will take it again. I had such a beautiful, perfect time that I don’t know if I would want to risk sullying that memory with any less or more of a trip, but that my friends, was a motherfucking trip!
This.....is real life
Nice one,almost makes me want to go back to my box and try this again tonight but i would probably be pissing into the wind after last night
(19-10-2013, 12:12 PM)zombywoof Wrote: Nice one,almost makes me want to go back to my box and try this again tonight but i would probably be pissing into the wind after last night

Give it a couple of weeks & GO GO GO!!
This.....is real life
Quote:At that point I can remember not being able to see to spell properly or converse in the slightest in writing & needed to return to my cocoon on the sofa

Quote:At the height of the trip, Blazey experienced an ear sensation he’s had before on nitrous, which he said was almost overwhelming at times, explaining it afterwards as a ‘digital noise with loops & changes...synthesised sound, slightly changing in pitch & increasing in sound in both ears, getting really loud’, but his main impressions of the night were, ‘Loving the music, sound, atmosphere, it felt really clean....no jagged, nasty edges’

These 2 resonate with me. The first time I did one (with no tolerance) I was 'chatting' with a mate on facebook nearing 3 hours in so near peak and typed in (with uber typos. lol)

got to go. can't see or type. speak to you in morn

The noise thing is something I remember too. It was like a wall of noise where all the sounds from the world were merged together and digitised. It was almost as if I was no longer hearing things and in fact all sounds were brought to me by telepathy. In fact everything seemed to be different where it felt like I wasn't breathing because I didn't need to. The world was part of me and I was part of the world.

Don't like walking like a zombie robot though. Still an experience to remember. lol
I tried 150mcg for the fist time 2 days ago... I was at a nightclub with loud trance music, lights etc
I drank a lot of alcohol and smoked some stuff outside... Took it at about 1am, went to bed at 6am, had a bit of sex, fell asleep properly around 10ish.

It was good, but I think the sensory overload of the location prevents me from giving a clear opinion. I liked that it didn't feel like my head was frying, it was mellow on that aspect, nice bodily stimulation as well. Unfortunanetly the music wasn't that good so my mood wasn't the best.
As usual with me, hardly any visuals (ergoloids and trypts give me very little visuals even in strong doses, unlike phens)
I for one am just glad Tra is getting some sex after her drought! Hurrah for Al Lad!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Hi Tralala - I'd been waiting for this - I now see why you were so enthuiastic about this trip; thanks for filling us in on all the lovey-dovey details !

300 was fine for a first go for me; depends on experience, good set/setting etc. re the AL-L freak outs - had history been different and the trusted classics just become available we could have still had some freakouts/horror stories/warnings - in fact we still do 

re your 1st trip - I don't know exactly when tolerance is fully triggered but to state the obvious late extra doses have dimishing returns and best to take the full dose in one imo; seems I did fairly well in navigating the shout box when I was peaking :) 

Anyhow wishing you both the very best; major trips tend leave me slightly fried so that afterglow must be leeerve :)
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Wibble wobble why are the hills melting? Zebra what are you giggling at? Er yeah the grass is trying to eat my feet again, nevermind best go dance to some techno and lasers. Fun weekend :)
“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

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