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AKG K551 - Headphones
These were actually cheaper when i bought them £60. Couldn't resist it. Now gone up still a lot cheaper than standard rrp. 


Not the most aesthetically pleasing but from what i hear they're nice headphones, mic and the buttons are handy and not blatant either.
These were £60 only 2 days ago D:  would've been a pretty good deal at that price
(03-01-2015, 05:02 PM)Renton Wrote: These were £60 only 2 days ago D:  would've been a pretty good deal at that price

Just arrived in the post, they've got a much cleaner, crisper sound than my old ones. Though my old ones weren't great. It's a shame i didn't realise the controls on the wire only work for apple products... FU APPLE! Wanted to use these with my phone, not the sexiest of headphones and i wish i got them in black but black was more money. 

They'll do.
More for black!!!. The cult of Apple needs curtailing somehow.

Sent from my iphone in the queue outside the Apple store waiting for new iphone/pod/pad
I was very disappointed when the controls on my Bowers & Wilkins headphones that cost over £200 did not work on my Samsung. Why does Apple have to use a different interface for headphone controls than every other tech company on the planet? Such a weird thing to make a proprietary version of. I don't even particularly dislike Apple really, I just wish that they would comply with universal standards.
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