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Worked like a champ. Feeling much better now that nose has stopped running!

I'm lucky that they deliver to my door.
I got up to 250mg the first day, nice mild opiate effects, then the next day work myself upto 600 during the whole course of the day, felt fine. Next day I was so damn stoned I could only puke after I woke up.

Take heed, this seems to have a very long half-life.
Having stupidly broken a bone I have used AH-7921 in small amounts for pain relief.

Using 40mg (oral ROA) of AH-7921 has helped me with the pain but allowed me to remain clear headed and work fine without any problems. Haven't felt itchy or any other negative side effects.

It seems more potent when dosed via sub ROA, but I thought it stung and was uncomfortable and felt corrosive under the tongue.

Works out at £1 a dose at 50mg.
AH-7921 feels nice but isn´t compareable to o-desmethyltramadol (it was advertised as a substitute for it). Changing the 3,4-dichloro moiety with 3,4-dimethoxy or dimethyl moieties would produce weaker compounds but they will metabolize faster / produce a faster onset of effects and an overall more positive/euphoric feeling than AH-7921.

[Image: al3iv.jpg]
And what evidence do you present to suggest that? Or even that metabolism is necessary to produce effects? Why would faster metabolism produce a quicker onset and more euphoria? What does the Dimethyl or dimethoxy substitution do to produce these effects, enhances BBB penetration, lipophilicity, is it a better ligand? Do you have any SAR references to back this up? Are you saying AH-7921 is a prodrug? Seriously, I'd be interested to know. This seems like pure speculation, given the novel nature of AH-7921 anyway.

For anyone interested here's the paper on the compound and it's related derivatives
Determination of receptors that mediate opiate side effects in the mouse

Had read elsewhere that AH-7921 was less likely to produce tolerance, addiction and respiratory depression than other opioids. These two papers show that to be untrue. AH-7921 is similar or slightly worse than morphine in these areas. IME it has very good pain killing properties at low doses (20-40mg) with minimal side effects, higher doses increase unwanted side effects with quite a steep dosage response curve. Combining with alcohol, benzos or any other downers would be a very bad idea with this one.
“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
Thanks for posting that research paper.

I have tried the substance too. I would say that I much prefer the effect of kratom. Combining low doses with kratom was pleasurable. On it's own I didn't like it very much. Overall reviews have not been raving. Perhaps we should wonder to what extent the ' lack of fun' is represented the mouse model w.r.t. addiction.

Okay here's my input on this compound, but first my history in the field - I've had a great interest in poppies and the like for many years (I used to enjoy snoopy and charlie BROWN on a daily basis for over 3 of those - although he was always foiled and never taken in vein.)

After a moderate bout of green liquid and unpleasantness - I spent a couple of years avoiding top GEAR and any related productions. However it was a genre that never left my mind.

After what i considered a safe period I tried using over the counter remedies, containing paracetamol. At first it was like plunging into COLD WATER before careful EXTRACTION and provided the relief I was looking for. Slightly later I met an old friend who had created an extensive overground intercity train/bus hybrid network for his figurines which he called TRAM-O-DOL - such fun, both this activity and my chilly extractions gave me a great lift in life (I hear such experiences with "low end" hobbies vary due to personal levels of a certain metabolite - either way, I do/don't have what it takes to make these fun.)

After the recession shut down (amongst others) his innovative travel infrastructure, I found the cold water less bracing. I spent a short while counting poppy seeds to while away the time, but found it boring and unreliable. I knew then a new hobby was needed and I entered the world of very unimaginative flower arranging, after finding a reliable and well priced supplier of dried flowers.


I love my new hobby and after reading a lot I think my technique is down, I find it brings great inner peace and joy to make an arrangement once or twice a week - when first starting I used 5-6 large/giant pods, I now usually make a piece with 10-12 pods with great effect (I know it's tough to put an exact value on these to judge my tolerance - but I'd hazard a very accurate guess that for me a NOPE pharma tablet, crushed, dissolved and plugged would be a good time and well within my limits.)

My first experiences with AH-7921 were underwhelming, partially due to poor ROAs - my last 2 uses have been most excellent. At a dose of ~120mg (please start lower if you do not have tolerance - the rambling bollox above is to put my dose into perspective,) the substance has been very effective indeed - not massively euphoric but a very effective mood lifter which wipes out any withdrawal symptoms. Add to this that it doesn't leave you looking fucked-up makes it perfect for a long day @ work (I've just done 12.5 hours and was energetic and happy throughout.)

Not too mention my flower arrangements take a long time to prepare, and taste foul even with flavourings. With this shiz just bang (#)##mg into a bomb for the morning and you're good to go.

Don't be expecting NOPE top end jollies - but I believe this chem is much more than something just to avoid the cluck and manage pain (although it'll does both of those well IME.) From my early tests I'd say this kicks the ass of kratom (although I've never been willing to pay for extracts - I have tried plenty of premium leaf varieties.)

I've read that the HCL salt should vape without freebase - but doesn't do much for me - a simple freebase TEK would be much appreciated. I will probably also try a plug to see what the bioavailability is. I have no plans to go IV/IM as for me personally this pushes the process past "recreational."

I will probably be tweaking the dose up slowly to see what happens (albeit with big gaps in between - long duration reported on other reports.) Very interested to get any feedback or tips from others who have found this stuff worthwhile?

OT: someone please PM me a reliable vendor for that new MT-45 stuff - and I love you longtime!
I started with 230mg and at this level is it a bit hallucinogenic. When I okay The Last of Us I feel like I have a connection with the charcter ppersona, starting to make up trivial memories and when I nod off, which I do. The game continues, Not really blasting but you can see something focuses, then somethings elese. Real strangen, but I enoyed it.

Sorry if this was just mumbling. Currently on 600mg lyrica, 2 7,5mg zopiklon och smoking 5F-AKB. . The smoke boosts a lot, everything in the room has wiggling dust levitating and vlimb walls, wooooo!
I've seen this for a while on a site I use but I have found the only opiates worth using are already restricted.

I just don't see the point in using this tbh.

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