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ACMD recommends that MPA be made a class B drug
MPA is current controlled under a Temporary Class Drug Order. The ACMD have now published their review and recommendation, concluding that it should be made a class B drug.
They really are running out of things to do aren't they. Based on what? It's limited effect and limited use. It's limited abuse potential. It's generally benign risk. It's like they're scraping the barrel for something to do that makes them appear useful in some way. At least they've cleaned up the streets and wiped out crime. I can go and get some safe alternatives from all the approved dealers on the street whilst they finish off work on fixing people's broken natural instinct to indulge in altering their mind. Since the government fixed drugs the streets are much safer and cleaner so at least I can buy there whilst they get this altering the human genome problem fixed. The government is really good at fixing things. Hail Theresa May.
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
Just to confirm that this has now happened.


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