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A few updates.
I tried this self googling technique with the phrase/concept "pineapple of existence" which is something I have been thinking/dreaming about for around 20 years , I was horrified to discover that the only reference to it on the web was me "here @ UKCR" in a post on "describe yourself in  3 words" last year, an entirely erroneous post taken at face value as lets all hope that I am not the "pineapple of existence" as that might get a little bit messy, maybe even destroy/rewrite the whole of the universe/reality potentially.   I thought about requesting that the management remove/delete that entry as it was only the year 2012, I have yet to complete the ground work, and there are somethings that unless you are at the head of a charging panzer division the world is just not ready for.    Not an actual panzer division of course, not even a 21st century one, my panzer division's are composed entirely of words thoughts concepts and ideas, aka the most potent tools weapons available to us.   I didn't though reasoning that my post would effortlessly blend in with any of the many billions of other half baked mumblings that grace the web and would present no significant challenge either to reality or our conception of it, (in the year 2012 that is)

The pineapple of existence describes a space that "may be" one or a number of horizons beyond the horizon of our currently conceived horizons, (I like to think in terms of MXE tangents, or after experiencing the utter devastation that epic mxe doses (+ aMT usually) wrought on concepts that are as intuitive to us as 1 + 1 = 2 coined this particular term just for my own thinking/writing etc.   The pineapple of existence might be described as something which is thinkable but is not currently being thought of, you can infer its existence though, or aspire to, the latter is all you need and is quite beautiful.   How slippery is it ? a great deal more slippery than an eel covered in baby oil that has just won a wet teeshirt completion, so one particularly slippery motherfucker indeed.  Good shit though, a calling perhaps, you need only think an original thought after all (this is the easy bit) and then!!! communicate it, how hard can it be.  lol.  

Many have sought the "pineapple of existence" of course both now and throughout history, many have aspired to reach for something they can glimpse or conceptualise but just cant quite see, but we are all different and bring a different conceptual framework and style of language/communication to the table, it all adds up though and is a good thing.    
In terms of the updates, congratulations to the teams of gypsie children that Renton keeps in the cupboard under the stairs, on this occasion they have excelled themselves, good work .
All comprehension is temporary, understand nothing, try to understand everything.

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